Planetary railgun

I know, too much SciFi - raw conversion with DT, the freaky BW is done with GMIC, mirrorring and aligning GIMP. The original is an arched walkway in the financial district of SFO.


Ha, stirred a recall of a fellow I worked with in the Air Force; he carried a business card with the job title, “Moon-Based Railgun Program Manager”. No, he really didn’t do that job (your tax dollars are safe in that regard), he wanted to see how many folk actually read his card… :smile:

Nice treatment of the image!

:shushing_face: Don’t give the governments of the world any ideas.

Great work! I would like to see the original. Is there an image somewhere on the internet?

San Francisco architecture by Mike Bing, on Flickr


I thought this was really cool! Well done!

+1. Great work!