Plate solving fails when using wider angle shots

I keep getting the “Plate Solving failed. The image could not be aligned with the reference stars.” error when trying to perform Photometric Color Calibration on images taken with my 30 mm lens. On the other hand, it works flawlessly with the ones i take with my 200mm lens. Are wider angle shots not the use case for this function or am I doing something wrong?
I tried: uploading my image to and using center coordinates & scale from there; picking a set of stars in the middle of the shot and using Manual Detection function (being under the assumption that plate solving could have been disrupted by lens distortion).

Platesolving has been recently improved in the dev version.

Where would I be able to get that version? Is it the avaliable on the website?

Dev version is, like its name says, the development version.
You will need to compile it to use it.
But not difficult task.

Yeah, I think i can do that.