plate solving for wide field shots

Hi, sorry if this is a common issue/question that comes up.

question: is there something wrong with how I am using Siril’s photometric color calibration function vs is there just too much distortion in my image?

canon 5d2, 50mm f/1.8, barndoor tracker
lights = 20s exposure, iso 1600 x 19
darks x 20
bias x 30
flats x 20

following the well-written manual pre-processing tutorial and using the whole image processing tutorial to finish up

when attempting to use photometric color calibration, plate-solving keeps on failing.

what i’ve tried:

I’ve included the processed FITS of my stacked lights and the mapping
FITS image: 241.92 MB file on MEGA results:
7.23 MB file on MEGA


Center (RA, Dec): (262.772, -29.435)
Center (RA, hms): 17h 31m 05.380s
Center (Dec, dms): -29° 26’ 07.648"
Size: 37.4 x 22.9 deg
Radius: 21.936 deg
Pixel scale: 25.6 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: Up is 26 degrees E of N


Hello, and thanks for your message. add distorsion in it’s model while Siril doesn’t.
For now, Siril needs to platesolve the images by itself in order to apply photometry.

Here a small tutorial on how to proceed on wide field: Siril - Siril 1.0.0-rc1


great, thanks for the quick reply.
I got it to work!