plate solving & the Milky Way (absolute Beginner)

i am trying to start with astrophotography just with my tripod, SLR and my mobile. One of the first photos are from the Milky Way. I made serval lights and some darks. Then I tried to process them with SiriL, it seems to be an easier understandable App than others for beginners.
After I solved the first problems (can’t use scripts because of missing Biases & Flats) and found an good instruction to process my lights the result was good but not as good as expected. Im not clear why. What can I do to get the structures in the Milky Way better comes out in this picture?

One of the main problem I had while processing was in the photometric colorcalibration (not just this picture, even with pictures with 100mm, I never get it). It is okay if this picture is maybe too wide angle, but manual set for the coordinates, pixel size, … don’t helps. Siril never get the plate solve and so the colors maybe not correct choosen?

I like this software, how it works and that all con be done in one software. Thanks for your work & time in this project.


Hi Enrico,

indeed, platesolving for wide field is a complex problem and we are trying to improve Siril on that particular case these days. Could you please share 1 or 2 examples in fits format as saved by Siril at the end of stacking? For each file, please indicate the focal length and the pixel size.
Then regarding the picture you are showing, not sure photometric CC will help even if platesolving suceeds. But you can sure try the manual color calibration process to see if it improves your colors.



Hi Cecile,
thank you for your help. I will try for further steps Affinity Photo, I found serval tutorials for.
Here is the link for the needed file. The focal length is 10mm, the pixel size 4,68um
The file will stay there for at least the next 4 weeks. If you need more example material, feel free to ask, I will try to help.

Hi again,

I have your file alright. 10mm is definitely going to be a good test! Many thanks for sharing,