Platinum Jubilee: AI robot paints Queen's portrait

For those of you who have fun[1] discussing[2] what art is.

[1] Fun is the operative word.
[2] Be civil. :wink:

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Nice. But the output is still somewhat boring.

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Doesn’t have the hat right…

An excellent advertisement for human painters

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“We are not amused.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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More like:

[The royal] we are [definitely] not amused. The Queen a muse for a robot?! She has standards! Especially for her hats! A real artist would have gotten that right! Not some batty pretender!

Actually, I prefer the ones painted by Mabel and Alfie.

Drawings from children are amazing. When I was young I had bad art teachers. They would have something already set in mind for me to draw, which is not what you should do to children.

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Yes, it’s art. But the question is whether it makes you feel anything?
I suppose it does. Whenever I see technology moving into artistic spaces, I always feel something, even if it isn’t amazement.

For me, I like to see what humans can achieve. This can involve technology of course, such as today’s modern cameras, but when the technology starts doing all of the heavy lifting, then it ceases to be as impressive. Computational photography is moving in this direction, sadly.

When I see these robot pictures, I just start thinking of the programming and the learning that’s been fed into it. I suppose that’s where the human ingenuity is, rather than the robot’s output.

At the end of the day, it is the humans who decide whether the generated art is interesting or worth keeping. Giving Ai-Da a wardrobe and hair won’t do that for us.

I agree. It looks like a UFO.

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