[Play Raw] Afternoon Snack

Wife and I just spent a couple of days in the mountains, in a cabin at a state park on the west side of Pikes Peak. We eat well when we go there; one afternoon, loving wife set up this spread:

Now, I don’t stage things when I photograph, I just take what’s given. Well, this scene just smacked me silly, so I ran for the camera and tripod, set up and shot a few, and then we ate…

I’ve been playing with the highlight-weighted metering mode of the Z6, this capture was exposed using that and +1.0EV, which I’ve found in quite a few cases to put the data right up against saturation. Well, in this case it pushed the dip container and a few other surrounding places into saturation, so now I have to go and consider that in my exposure thinking.

I produced the above with rawproc; the only relevant considerations were to clip white to the smallest channel’s max, and to use a filmic curve to pull up the shadows a bit. Here’s the raw file:

DSZ_4168.NEF (a link to the raw on my server; I’ll replace it with an upload to pixls.us when my bandwidth-hogging granddaughters leave… :smile:)

This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.


Looks delicious…glasses need more wine though! Might have destroyed the flames DT 3.0


DSZ_4168.NEF.pp3 (12.6 KB)


darktable 2.6.2: DSZ_4168.NEF.xmp (6.8 KB)


Lovely meal, difficult highlights :slight_smile: . darktable 3.0.

DSZ_4168.NEF.xmp (19.8 KB)


Testing with darktable 3.0.0rc2

DSZ_4168.NEF.xmp (12,5 Ko)

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DSZ_4168.NEF.xmp (7.8 KB) DSZ_4168_01.NEF.xmp (8.7 KB)


Ooh, it black-and-whites nicely…

Darktable 2.6.2![DSZ_4168|690x459](upload://1GeuYdb6b8pOlqWpSWDSZ_4168.NEF.xmp (6.4 KB) gXNex0erg.jpeg)


Enhance 224 to 176:


DSZ_4168.pfi (29.1 KB)

My work with DT 2.6, Thanks for sharing

DSZ_4168_01.NEF.xmp (9.9 KB)


Paul, I’m still trying to figure out what this means. I don’t have a good PhotoFlow setup right now to open the .pfi…

I am guessing that it is a popular culture reference. Here are the panels of the PFI.

PS I left out the RAW developer settings because they are at their default and the panel contains multiple tabs.

Thanks! I don’t see either of those numbers, though…

Need to get my PF AppImage going again… right now, I’m picking at getting statistics and histogram squared away in rawproc, and looking at some interesting behavior in AMAZE…

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So romantic! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:  Meanwhile, my focus command is more interested in the food.

PhotoFlow demosaicing (HL blend, RCD), lens corrections (all), Rec2020 linear float.
gmic brighten (shadows, tones), crop (focus), resize, sharpen (eq hist), sharpen (fft).

Zoom 100% and enjoy!

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Ah, you put the veggies at the locus, but the star of the show were those little rolls to the left. Filo dough, Brie and cranberry filling. Amurikins can get them at Trader Joe’s… we bought four more boxes of 'em this morning!


Yep, that Z 24-70/f4 is sharp, but it’s distortion is legion. Shows up markedly in landscapes with horizon lines… The lensfun correction seems to take care of it.

Different parameters, same interest in the veggies and the product placement :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t being entirely serious - the image is the reflection in the right hand wineglass.

Its a quote from Blade Runner (1982) - from the infamous photo enhancement scene.


Now I have to beg my wife to insert Blade Runner in the on-going Hallmark Christmas Movie Channel series… :smile: