[Play Raw] Another street scene

Some elements I’m enjoying to capture: nice light reflections, degraded areas full of life, police, smoke from barbecue on the street, illegal sellers of illusion, people.

Photoflow: white balance, exposure, sharpen, noise reduction, tone mapping and curves.

If anyone knows how to recover highlights in Photoflow, please, share.

IMG_5735.cr2 (13.1 MB)
IMG_5735.pfi (36.8 KB)

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Is it just me, or the link to the RAW file is missing?

Ooops… fixed, thanks.

Don’t tweak the white level in the advanced tab, this is only to fix cameras for which the default white level is wrong…

The effect of highlight reconstruction is better seen when slightly under-exposing the image. If you set the exposure >1 and then apply a tone mapping curve, the highlights get compressed and the differences become mostly invisible.

Here is the default “clip” mode (no reconstruction):

And here is the “blend” mode (the only reconstruction method available in phf):

In both cases, the white level is set to the default value, and no further processing is applied apart from the RAW development (no NR, no tone mapping, no curves…).

Hope this helps!

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Nice street life. Google maps tells me that this is Rua Navarro in wonderful Rio de Janeiro.

IMG_5735.cr2.xmp (9.7 KB)

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Correct! How did you?? :astonished:

I like to know, where one can find the locations where shots have been taken. This was easy, the phone number of the dentists, google & google maps.


Here is another PhotoFlow version, with more details retained in the highlights (but maybe a bit “too flat”):

IMG_5735-2.pfi (51.4 KB)

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I played with your pfi and saw how you did it, very easy and effective, thanks.

Out of curiosity: did you edited your pfi before uploading, so that the image file path fit my path?

Glad to hear it was instructive!

No, I started from your pfi and added/removed layers… it seems that the code preserves the original RAW file path. Probably something more to be fixed!

What I meant is that I could open you pfi without having to fix the file path.

DT 2.7 IMG_5735_01.cr2.xmp (23.1 KB)

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