[Play Raw] AquaRio

This is from my first visit to a new aquarium that was built in Rio for the World Cup and Olympics events - creatively named as… AquaRio.
In PhotoFlow I did white balance, dynamic range compression, tone mapping (filmic new) and noise reduction.
As for noise reduction, I could get a better result by using wavelets split details (2) instead of noise reduction tool itself.
I’m speciallly curious as to other PhotoFlow approaches to this image.

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Sidenote: I was very glad to do this edit on Photoflow, which I found very easy and straightforward, after learning a couple of concepts with other tools (mainly Darktable).
When I first joined the forum I was in the process of abandoning Photoshop (very basic use, I didn’t know anything about the subject), and the first tool I started playing with was Photoflow.
The layers concept is great, and masking is almost as easy as in Darktable, once you get used to its way of setting it up.
Also, I suspect that by having the chance to choose which layer is the input to the current layer, you get lots of flexibility, allowing you to customize the pixel pipe the way you want (@Carmelo_DrRaw am I right here?)
The only caveat is that I think masks tend to easily produce halos (more than Darktable, for example), so you loose some time tweaking them to mitigate the problem. But maybe I missed something.
Overall, it’s a pretty good tool!


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Sorry, my edit was not done in PhotoFlow.
Posted in FullRes to judge the noise reduction.

IMG_4245.DNG.xmp (12,3 KB)


I also did it in RT, I hope you don’t mind:

IMG_4245.jpg.out.pp3 (11,7 KB)

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Marine environment: I like the color balance both with and without the blue color cast.
Did you target the fish to remove it ?

Not at all, thanks!

I think I’d stop before Raw Denoise, to my taste. I’m already used to this camera noise (a bit, at least).
Another thing, only after looking at your edit at 100% I noticed a lot of dead pixels and the strange thing is that DT wasn’t able to eliminate them when I switch Hot Pixels. SHoudn’t it?

I did not deal with hot pixels in my edit. I might give it a try later.

Yes. Afterwards I did a bit of split toning (color correction module) to get some blue (=water) back in the shadows.

Used RawTherapee to get this:
IMG_4245.jpg.out.pp3 (12.9 KB)

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You might have to play with the settings in the hot pixels module. When I used threshold 0,01 and strength 0,6 plus “detect by three neigbors” I got nearly 3000 pixels fixed.

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