[Play Raw] Barn Swallow -- Antelope Island Utah

Parts of this Raw Nikon.NEF are exposed well. Parts are over exposed. But not hopelessly so. Barn Swallow from Antelope Island Utah–an island in the Great Salt Lake. 600mm Tamron lens on a hand held monopod. On the exhale. After a deep breath.

The MIT License | Open Source Initiative …for the raw image and the jpeg

_PIC1975.NEF (20.1 MB)

The jpeg below is a few years old–made with UFRAW and Gimp. RawTherapee has changed everything since then. I’ll add my latest take (which hasn’t happened yet) at some point.


Wowww, lovely bird <3

…something went ‘wrong’ with my take on it.


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filmulator dev

then RT

5d308375ca51fb4ab0e5f139ac900ed419e1fdfb-output.tif.pp3.zip (4.0 KB)


merci @pittendrigh and participants, @Joan_Rake1 you chaos slut :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice shot… You can even be seen as a shadow in the eye reflection.

The plumage is extraordinary. Here’s my attempt, bit of sharpening to accent the feathers, saturation because the colors are just so nice, and a “portrait” crop:


_PIC1975.NEF.xmp (5.7 KB)
_PIC1975_01.NEF.xmp (6.2 KB)

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Don’t worry, that can be considered a warm-up! I’m using my new Shredder filter for G’MIC.


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Extremely nice and sharp photo @pittendrigh! At first I thought there is nothing much to do. Then I saw blown highlights.
I used the latest ShadowsandHighlights enhanced RT5.4 (thank you @Morgan_Hardwood) to control the blown highlights in the foreground and plumage on the bird. It works extremely well. There is also new (at least to me) Soft Light module in the color tab. Used it too. The crop ratio was decided so as to give more space where the bird is looking.
Here is the outcome.
_PIC1975.jpg.out.pp3 (11.6 KB)

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… from here to southeby’s :moneybag:
:scream: :tooth: :fairy::fire: that image should be tagged as graphic content jejejej ej
here a song about a riffle and a bird :notes:

Another “ShadowsandHighlights enhanced” test, trying different tools in small doses. Nothing worth mentioning in my edit, but the bird and the photo are really nice.

_PIC1975_rt_med2.jpg.out.pp3 (12.0 KB)

Nothing like a bit of mincemeat, regardless of whether it’s a bird or an image.

My take. Looks like the swallow is :surfing_man:. :slight_smile:

1. PhotoFlow → HL mode (blend) → linear Rec2020 (no clipping) → 32f
2. gmic → fill unwanted pixels → adjust brightness, contrast (curves on subject) → contrast enhancement (on detail) → adjust chroma (curve) → crop → adjust contrast (curve) → sharpen (LoG) → resize

Zoom 100% to enjoy!

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Amazing shot, @pittendrigh!

Here is my take with PhotoFlow. I have used the newly introduced “dynamic range compressor” tool to increase the local contrast and underline the texture of the bird’s body:

PFI file: _PIC1975.pfi (41.4 KB)


Beautiful image!

_PIC1975.NEF.xmp (9.3 KB)


Version 2. Looks like a painting.


As a Californian, I also thought the bird was surfing.
Filmulator 1.0.0b1 > McGimp 2.10.6 > RawTherapee 5.4 newlocallab-gui

surfbird.tif.pp3 (19.1 KB)


:+1: I know my limitations, so I generally make comments on discuss and hope others deliver for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

@chroma_ghost played it safe this time around. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@chroma_ghost played it safe this time around. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

you try to talk with a red ball in your mouth >… :speak_no_evil: :red_circle: PF ref, maybe

anyway we’ve been having so many nice versions lately !! Here there is a glow in the dark bird version from a bird from the cold with a warm heart, a napoleonic portrait from the gg butcher :stuck_out_tongue: , the colourfull infectious z virus’ stripin’ from @Joan_Rake1, the investigations into the soul from the man eagle and last but surely not least a cool cat making a bird surf!!! fuck me we’re going all crazy… for that matter, the good shreedhar’s, sls’, jacal’s, mine and even your versions are “playing it safe”. Salu2 hombre :cowboy_hat_face:

On the exhale. After a deep breath.

<< is that the norm for TF shooting? I ask 'cause I always heard (and is actually how I go about it) that the shutter release is supposed to happen while holding (a bad thought, jeje), maybe there are different techniques; I’m curious, what’s your take @pittendrigh?

Nice pic BTW =)

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One of the techniques (the one I use, at least) is taking a deep breath, holding a little bit, then releasing the shutter while slowly and uniformly exhaling.