[Play Raw] Call for Darktable filmic workflows



I do not know how color look up table module in dt works, but I have used it in a way that resembles the use of conrol points in Viveza video.
Do you have any experience with the color look up table module as control point selector?

(Chris E) #22

An alternative crop that puts the focus more on the sellers and relegates the passers-by to background. I’ve been lazy and used someone elses JPEG attempt…

(Boris Hajdukovic) #23

Great idea!

Especially it can be interesting if you can choose an area in the color picker instead of a point as a reference for parametric mask.

This would be even more superior than Viveza’s control points since you can combine parametric mask with different drawn masks in darktable, which could make selection of a certain area even more precise.

Me too. That is great module. Also the color zones module can be used in a similar way.

(Rafa García) #24

My try:

  • Modify exposure a bit
  • Filmic
  • Another instance of sharpen
  • Equalizer
  • Local contrast (default value)
  • Color balance (output saturation 95%)

Uncropped version:

Cropped version:


(JegMeg) #25

It looks like you have not been using “negative control point”/“protect area at all”. So the adjustment is actually affecting the whole image …

(Boris Hajdukovic) #26

In this case there is no need for it. it was just a quick and dirty demonstration.

(JegMeg) #27

Ok that’s fine.
I was asking because not everyone is aware of this.


Hi @aurelienpierre and @s7habo,
some time ago I read that the control point part of the software is under US and/or CAN patent. So this could be a source for finding out, how it works. But it also requires to find a way around this patent, when similar should be implemented in darktable.

Unfortunately I cannot find the page anymore, where I read about it…

(Aurélien Pierre) #29

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was patented. Although Europe doesn’t recognize software patents (the source code is protected, not the feature).

(JegMeg) #30

DxO bought Nik Collection ( Viveza - Color effecs pro + more ) from Google.
Control point is now a part of DxO Photo Line ( that’s one of the reason I like it so much)

I think they have licenced it to Nikon Capture

(Aurélien Pierre) #31

It’s a bit ironic that this awesome tech comes from a so limited and camera-centric software…

(Bri) #32

Filmic Test by gadolf CC BY-NC-SA.DNG.xmp (5.6 KB)

Here’s my version, as edited on my live stream! (Although I used more than just the filmic module for this) You can still see the process for the next two weeks at twitch.tv/chicagocameraslinger

Thank you for sharing!!

(senpai) #33

i’m try with darktable 2.60
CRW_4221.DNG.xmp (4,9 Ko)


My take. First time using a raw processor by itself. Usually, I use at least two apps and use the raw processor very sparingly. Goes to show how much PhotoFlow has grown. Thanks @Carmelo_DrRaw (and others) for the underlying code. It’s the power of FLOSS and the strength of our community!

1. PhotoFlowCRW_4221.pfi[1] (26.6 KB) → no post-resize sharpening.

– No long list of processing steps this time! :stuck_out_tongue:
– Well, it is still quite bare bones processing but filmic is quite powerful. :slight_smile:

Zoom 100% and enjoy.

PS [1]

<property name="file_name" value="path\to\CRW_4221.DNG">


The last few days I have come up with quite a simple darktable workflow that works surprisingly well on my kind of shots. I tested it on this image as well:

CRW_4221.DNG.xmp (5.7 KB)

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden