[Play Raw] Clouds & sun beams

Here is a recent picture I took a bit before the sunset. A storm was just moving away from our place, and the sun was about to appear behind the clouds…

here is my interpretation:

img00029223.pfi (79.3 KB)

I’m curious to see what you would be extract from this picture!

img00029223.nef (13.0 MB) released under CC BY-NC-SA license.


Lovely shot!

img00029223.nef.xmp (12.7 KB)

I wanted to find something more abstract about this photograph, something inky and a little bit heavy.


@paperdigits Nice idea!

I went for the pastel tones, in Darktable.


High drama in Filmulator, and then some dodging on the sunbeams in GIMP.


I love sun beans :seedling: and clouds and challenges =)

I developed the raw in 2 steps with an app called froistycalleptskajumnenhirameater :stuck_out_tongue:

1__img00029223.tif.pfi.zip (4.4 KB)
2__img00029223.jpg.pfi.zip (1.4 KB)

BTW very nice image, gud 4 redemptioning

@Carmelo_DrRaw did you do your interpretation in PhF? That’s a such a palatable B&W ice cream you’ve got there mr ping


I neutralized the colors a bit with separate blackwhitepoint stretches for each channel, added a bit of overall contrast with a curve, then resized to 800x531 for a bit of poor-man’s denoise, then added another nlmeans denoise sigma=10

Apres-PP review shows some pinkish tint to the cloud shadows, I think I’ll leave it… :cloud:


Thanks for the invitation to play raw :-). I needed a break to actually try the software I’m working on. I pasted the jpg into MyPaint. I know, hardly “raw”, and MyPaint isn’t color managed yet (eek). At least I assigned my monitor profile and converted before uploading. . .

Anyway, the only interesting things I did was assign my brush color with illuminant “A” and work almost totally unsaturated to get that yellow color. I used a custom channel picker to pluck a few ciecam16 “lightness” values from the original photograph to get started, and adjusted my brush lightness with ciecam16 (JMh/JCh) adjusters that I’ve been adding. Here’s the interface so far (bottom block), somewhat inspired by GIMP’s LCH sliders. Although, I find just using the keyboard shortcuts much better for small adjustments. In retrospect I really should have used 2 layers, one for the sky and one for the clouds. . .


cHUE is just a static hue bar at lightness 50 and colorfulness/chroma 35. and cH, cS, and cV are the ciecam channels.


Interessting interpretations. Difficult to do somthing different. My try to be a little more colorfull …

img00029223.nef.xmp (10.2 KB)

All done in darktable.


Yes, that was a “fully PhF” edit. I have added a link to the .pfi file for reference.

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img00029223.jpg.out.pp3 (10.8 KB)


img00029223.nef.xmp (10.2 KB)

Playing with the levels module

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LAB Color curves


@jcdonelson I like this one. Can you post a screen shot of your LAB color curve graph?

Here is a photoflow attempt with crispy contrast flavour :taco: reminding you that every silver lining has a dark cloud associated with it.

img00029223BW.jpg.pfi (71.3 KB)

EDIT: To avoid posterization in the photo, I had to save it at 100% quality. That is why the file size is not around 200KB but about 2 MB!


Reminds me of when a piece of dust/lint/spider gets briefly stuck on a movie film projection.

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I remember when this was posted, I wanted to edit it but somehow I forgot about it. So I’m battling a cold today and started looking through the older Play Raws.

img00029223.nef.xmp (11.2 KB)


img00029223.nef.xmp (36.0 KB)
Darktable with negative value of shadows/higlights tool

Couldn’t decide what to do but I liked how @sls141 accentuated the billowing of the cloud. Here is my take.

1. PhotoFlow → HL Mode (blend) → Linear Rec2020 (no clipping) → 32f
2. gmic → smooth (guided)
3 pnmclahe → enhance contrast
4. gmic → add contrast, brighten (curves) A → darken (gradients) → add contrast (curve) B → overlay A with B → brighten (curve) → sharpen (LoG) → resize
5. GIMP → heal spots

Zoom to 100% and enjoy!