[Play Raw] "Cool Spot" vertical pano with extreme DR.

(Alex Mozheiko) #1

Hello folks,
After you gave some valuable criticism in Critique section I have decided to share original RAWs so you can stitch and play with them.
It was cloudless spring day and the amount of UV was insane, the snow was melting and I had no water on me, eating the snow all along, until I heard soft splashes somewhere down in the jaw so I decided to plunge into the waist-deep snow and found this cool spot with a speckle of light and ice water to drink :slight_smile:
Shot with Tokina 16-28 f2.8 on adapter, keep this in mind applying lens correction. The anchor image is _DSC6383.ARW. The rest of Exif data is there.
Link to archive with 4 images (94Mb). https://www.dropbox.com/s/nm2kt91oglwmdve/Playraw.zip?dl=0
Licensed CC BY-SA
Have fun!

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(Shreedhar Inamdar) #2

Here is one attempt without using the lens correction but without the lens flare. First used RT 5.6 to export JPEGs and merged using ICE software and then RT and GIMP and G’MIC.

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(Thomas) #3

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(Alex Mozheiko) #4

Although I don’t like the perspective, but the colors and highlights at the top are handed well indeed :slight_smile:

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(Roel) #5

How did you all stitch this thing? I managed to get something reasonable out with Hugin but had to resort to the peculiar trans Mercator projection…

Anyway, this was the result of initial exposure tweaking in RT, stitching in Hugin and post-processing in RT 5.6 again. I didn’t get the highlights done as well as I want unfortunately. Wonderful to work on @mosaster :smile:


Hugin, Cylindrical projection


I do enjoy how the colors came out.