[Play Raw] Everything frozen



Great shot! Thanks for sharing.

Once I have seen it, it felt like this is a BW image (although there are interesting colors). Conversion in darktable without any special tweaking. (only desaturation, tone curve and local contrast)

(Andreas Schneider) #22

I like your edit. What did you fix with the defringe module?


@asn Thank you.

If you look at some icicles, for example right of the waterfall in front of the darker area, you see some color fringes at 100% view with defringe turned off.


Nothing too visible though and the defringe module gets rid of most of it with a single click.


Both picutres are not actual exports from darktable but simple screenshots.

(Ingo Weyrich) #24

Try raw auto ca correction. It does a better job to get rid of them imho.


@heckflosse Yep, you are right. I just tried it out and exported the image with defringe off an CA removal on. CA removal really gets rid of the fringes.

Nevertheless, I used defringe as quick try out and it worked well enough for me on this picture so I did not bother to try out CA removal. Also, as I cropped a bit, the view in the darkroom module is not reliable when zoomed in if I understand the manual correctly. Quote:
"The underlying model assumes as input an uncropped photographic image. The module is likely to fail when you zoom into the image, as in that case it will only receive parts of your photograph as input in darktable’s pixelpipe. As a consequence, chromatic aberrations do not get corrected properly in the center view. This limitation only applies to interactive work, not to file export. "

But after that little experiment I lean towards using CA removal first as it is a nice one click solution. If I see poblems after export, I will try again with defringe.

(Ingo Weyrich) #26

That may be true for darktable. I referred to using the raw auto ca correction in Rawtherapee which always is applied on the whole raw data. The algorithm in darktable is the same as in rawtherapee though. But it’s true that applying it just to a part of a raw file (as in darktable preview) may lead to differences between preview and final output.

(Ingo Weyrich) #27

raw auto ca correction also has limitations. For example if you shoot angainst bright light (e.g. leaves against the sunlight) you will get fringes raw auto ca correction is not able to fix (it wasn’t designed for that). In that case defringe is your friend too.

(Hector) #28

My try using RawTherapee:


Rawtherapeeeverything_frozen.nef.pp3 (11.5 KB)
and gimp

(Thomas) #30

Tried this finally.

everything_frozen.nef.xmp (10,4 KB)


everything_frozen.jpg.out.pp3 (11,4 KB)

(dumb) #32

I wasn’t planning to go with a simple G’MIC JIFF self-bomb but I had a go and the colours seemed to fit very well as did the overall texture. It kicked off numerous ideas that I had.


Then I ran it through the smooth abstract filter and the CSG thing…


Adding the original to itself thrice and then hard-blending using the highly-distorted remnant:


Slight bonus with the shifter effect: