[Play Raw] French Alps valley

I am new to post-processing and eager to learn. I’m very curious what can be made from this picture. Feedback on the picture is also welcome. Thanks for any reply!

License is CC BY-NC-SA.

DSC05573.ARW (24.3 MB)


Welcome, and nice shot! I did very little with it, since it was nice as is: haze removal (defaults), velvia (defaults) and white balance (daylight). darktable 2.6.2.

DSC05573.ARW.xmp (3.5 KB)

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Hello, very nice shot. I touch the contrast and the shadows.

Nice view, thanks!

DSC05573.ARW.xmp (13.4 KB)

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Your tighter crop brings the distant hill much more into play.

Yes, but I also made it a little brighter :wink: .

darktable (2.7-git): DSC05573.ARW.xmp (10.5 KB)

I went for a panoramic crop that focuses attention more on the Alps than the poppy field. Thus, had to tone down the clouds that were distracting attention from the mountains. Done with RT 5.6.
DSC05573.jpg.out.pp3 (12.3 KB)

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