[Play Raw] Infinite Field of Flowers

I happened upon a huuuuuuuge field of flowers near my house, and couldn’t help but take a bunch of photos with a bunch of my lenses.

This one was with my Hasselblad 50/4 on a tilt/shift adapter, tilted down for better DoF coverage. However, there was some weird faint but bothersome flare on the right side of the frame (I thought I had shaded the front element…) so I felt I had to crop it heavily.

I’d love to see what you people can do with the raw:
CVAC7455_eflEDvr.CR2 (37.6 MB) License: CC-BY-SA

The flare is a faint diagonal up/right down/left streak:


I liked the original composition, and I’m not so sure that’s lens flare. Anyway, in rawproc:

  • colorspace:camera,assign - from the dcraw adobe_coeff table
  • subtract:camera - from the metadata, 1022
  • whitebalance:camera - from the metadata, 2.077,1.000,1.469
  • demosaic:half - my proof workflow
  • blackwhitepoint:rgb,data - scaled raw data to 0.0-1.0
  • tone:filmic,6.20,0.50,1.70,0.06,1.00,norm - the duiker filmic equation with his ABCD coefficients, and normalized to 0.0-1.0
  • curve:rgb,0.0,0.0,85.0,38.0,174.0,196.8,255.0,255.0 - the obligatory s-curve

No pet-tricks required: nice image!

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CVAC7455_eflEDvr.CR2.xmp (4.9 KB) CVAC7455_eflEDvr_01.CR2.xmp (6.2 KB)


Thanks for the flowers!
dt 2.7

CVAC7455_eflEDvr.CR2.xmp (8.1 KB)


CVAC7455_eflEDvr.CR2.xmp (3.6 KB)

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An interpretation a la Monet.
CVAC7455_eflEDvr.jpg.out.pp3 (12.7 KB)


Flower field is beautiful but picture has too much texture. This is my softer and colder version:

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Tilt shift lens adapters! Cool stuff…
Here is another tilted lens picture to add to this play-raw. Full licence granted for educational use.
Edit: Lens I used to take this picture is the Nikon el Nikkor 135mm f/5.6, mounted on Nikon PB-4 bellows using tilt function, on a Sony A7ii.

DSC05163.ARW (23.6 MB)

DSC05163.ARW.pp3 (11.8 KB)