[Play Raw] Lily flower

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Personally, I like to take photos of flowers in the neighbourhood and do not have too much enthusiasm to make a special trip for taking photos. Therefore, I love to process the files in the Play Raw category as it gives me chance to vicariously go to many places. Here is a play raw from one of my photos and my attempt at it. Hope you have fun processing it.
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EDIT Forgot to add that this photo was taken with a manual lens Carl Zeiss Jenna MC Auto Pancolar 50mm f/1.8 @ f4 using a cheap Chinese adapter on EOS 6D


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(Eylul / Azbulutlu) #4

I think there is a cautionary tale here about getting carried with editing but anyway… :slight_smile:

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(pphoto) #5

Beautiful material to work with. Here is my result:

Darktable sidecar file: IMG_3975.CR2.xmp (4.7 KB)

Moreover, I made a video of my editing process

(Matteo Costa) #6

Very nice flower and colors

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(JegMeg) #7

RT 5.5

(Thomas) #8

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(Susan ) #9

My take on your beautiful photo