[Play Raw]Little Egret


(pphoto) #21

The start was a very nice photograph. The bird sharp and separated from the background, just two tiny overexposed areas on it.
Summary of the edits I made:

  • I made the white balance much warmer, the original from the camera was too cold for my taste
  • Some denoising (profile), but with focus on the bigger areas to denoise the background.
  • Increased contrast on the bird’s neck and tail to bring out some details there
  • Darkened the background a bit with filmic
  • Highlights a little bit reduced
  • Cutted out the borders to bring the bird more into the image’s focus
  • The piece of wood in the background a bit darkened
  • Highlighted the eye a bit

2018-07-20_10-23-51.10_DSC2161.NEF.xmp (20.1 KB)


darktable: 2018-07-20_10-23-51.10_DSC2161.NEF.xmp (10.2 KB)

(Matteo Costa) #23

My take with RawTherapee.
Many of you went for darker renditions, but I like it better colorful.
Usually I am a lurker … still I enjoy posting time to time :slight_smile:

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(senpai) #24

darktable 2.60

2018-07-20_10-23-51.10_DSC2161.NEF.xmp (6,8 Ko)


Minimal processing using PhotoFlow by itself with its filmic (OCIO) and color correction modules. Remember to change the path in the PFI: 2018-07-20_10-23-51.10_DSC2161.pfi (23.0 KB).

<property name="file_name" value="path\to\NEF">

PS I am using the 20190210_2203 build; get it here: https://github.com/aferrero2707/PhotoFlow/releases/tag/continuous.

Zoom 100% and enjoy!

(Martin Scharnke) #26

What a nice result with only “minimal processing”. Looks like I’ll have to become PhotoFlow proficient.



@martin.scharnke I neglected to mention the build no. of PhotoFlow that I was using, as OCIO is a recent addition. Updated the post to reflect that.