Play Raw Live Editing Session


(Bri) #21

Why keep it a secret? I love showing people that you can get great shots with any kind of gear!

(Bri) #22

Thank you everyone who dropped in for the strimz! As soon as I re-up this drink I’ll be dropping the results of what I did into each of their threads! :slight_smile:

(Bri) #23

This went over really well, so I’m going to do the same thing this Saturday, same time and place! I’ll be pulling new files off the Play Raw tag and I’ll let you know if I use one of yours!

This time I’m going to do it with a fresh install of Raw Therapee instead of darktable and talk a little bit about the differences in the programs, purely from a casual user standpoint.

If you want to check out last week’s stream the link is here:

(Pat David) #24

Awesome! :smiley:
Were you archiving the videos somewhere for later (not sure if Twitch keeps them up for you long term or not). If not I can grab it and we can find a place for it (maybe mirror it on YouTube).

(Bri) #25

Twitch saves them for two weeks. I’ve been downloading them afterwards just for my own records but I haven’t been putting them up anywhere for public archival yet. I do have a YouTube I could start dropping them into if people want that!


That would be great! I suggest that you place it in your op.

(Mica) #27

There is also PeerTube! Which won’t have YT ads, tracking, or YTs general non-sense.

Wow there are a lot of PeerTube instances now:

(Bri) #28

I’ll be starting up a new session in about an hour!

later tonight I’ll figure out a solution for archiving. :slight_smile:

(Mica) #29

@ChicagoCameraslinger hope the headache went away!

(Bri) #30

Thanks, I’ve got a mug of coffee and it seems to be helping.

Annoyed that I couldn’t focus on photos but Im poking around at a bunch of different video hosting sites to see which one would be best for archiving. I’ll have a link up later tonight. :blush:

(Bri) #31

I spent way too long last night trying to figure out how to host on PeerTube, so I gave up and just uploaded to my youtube page. I added a link to the top post for all the archives. I have the video from 1/12 and a couple from last year. Link also here:

I did not upload yesterday’s stream, as it was short and I wasn’t particularly pleased with it. I’ll re-do the RawTherapee intro next week when I’m in a better mood for it.

(Sorry for all the random letters, I can’t have a custom youtube link until I hit 100 subscribers.)