Play Raw Live Editing Session


(Bri) #1

Hey everyone!

Some of you may remember that last year I was doing live editing sessions on Twitch. Then I disappeared off the forum for a bit while I was in the middle of moving to a new city.

I’m bringing it back this Saturday! And to kick it off I’m going to use a bunch of the community play raw images to show off the new updates to darktable.

If you’ve shared an image that you really want to see tweaked, let me know so I can bring it up on screen. Make sure to also link your portfolio/website so I can give you a nice shoutout to all two people that show up to my channel.

When: Saturday, January 12, 2pm CST.

[secret time: it’s also my birthday on the 12th! So make sure to stop by and celebrate with me!]

Edit 01/20/19:
I finally started uploading archives to a YouTube account.
You can find it here:

(Pat David) #2

Welcome back @ChicagoCameraslinger! Nice to see you doing live edits again.
If you let us know when you’ve decided on a time we can get the word out on social as well.

(Bri) #3

Yknow what, lets just call it 2pm CST. Then I won’t be tempted to sleep in all day!

(Mica) #4

Awesome! I was just on your twitch page last week, but didn’t see anything new. Great that you’re back.

For those who don’t know, these sessions are pretty interactive! I’ve had a good time participating in them in the past and will try to be there again.

I’d sleep all day if it were my birthday :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bri) #5

I moved right before Christmas so my life has been CRAZY. I did get to catch up on all my sleep new years day, so I’m ready to get back at it!

(Pat David) #6

You’ve got the new studio still to use?

(Bri) #7

I do! An entire room just for my photo stuff! As soon as my new remote trigger set comes in I’ll be doing a bunch of lighting set ups Strobist style.

(Martin Scharnke) #8

Sorry, I’m going to be travelling abroad for a few days, so I can’t drop in.

Happy birthday in advance: :champagne::balloon::partying_face::birthday:

(Bri) #9

I started pulling a bunch of the recent play raw posts and it’s a fantastic spread full of exercise opportunities. Bright flowers, stormy seas, high contrast, a couple street shots. This is gonna be good.

So far I’ve saved files from @Benja1972, @gadolf, @patdavid, @martin.scharnke, @Thomas_Do, @afre, and @FBulovic.

If any of you want me to drop a shoutout during the stream or share your website let me know!

(Martin Scharnke) #10

I’m honoured :blush: … please share what you come up with. :smile:

(Bri) #11

of course! They’ll all get dropped into their threads right after the show!


I won’t be able to see the live session. Would we be able to access the footage after the fact?

(Bri) #13

Twitch saves the streams for two weeks so you can watch it on your own time.

I usually download them for my records after, but haven’t been uploading them anywhere else yet.

(Gustavo Adolfo) #14

Hi Bri!

Regarding your live session, if the image you’ve saved is from a Canon PoweShot A3100 IS, I’d ask you to give a brief mention to CHDK developers, whose free software allow Canon point-and-shoot users to have access to otherwise hidden raw files, among many other features and functionality.
Also, if possible, to add a link to CHDK in the video description:
I wish you luck in your session!

(Thomas) #15

I’ll try to drop in. It will not be to late in the evening here in Europe. If I miss the live show, I 'll definitely watch later. Will be interessting to see what you do to raws that I also worked on :grinning:. Of course I also would feel honored, if you work on one of my files .

(Bri) #16

How much of the FOSS community here is based in Europe? I can try to schedule these at more convenient times if there’s enough of a demand for it!

(Bri) #17

@gadolf, I saved the photo of the watermelon and the photo posted in the call for new filmic workflows. Neither one specifically called out the camera make, let me know if either were from that one!

(Gustavo Adolfo) #18

Yes, both were taken with that CHDK hacked camera, thanks.


Which goes to show that low end equipment with lots of dead pixels can take wonderful shots. :sunny: Keep it up @gadolf :+1:.

(Gustavo Adolfo) #20

Nooooo… this was to be a secret between you and me :disappointed: