[Play Raw] local edits revisited

A theme that I’m not particularly fond of, still a good exercise for local editing. I wanted to darken the sky and get the water with more contrast.

Plus the new tone equalizer/filmic RGB couple.

IMG_5643.cr2 (12.0 MB)
IMG_5643.cr2.xmp (28.0 KB) (DT 2.7 latest stable)

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Was it windy? How long would it take for you to commute from there to the mountain?

Now I can be less nagging. :relieved:

By plane: a couple of seconds. I’m practically at the runaway head of the local airport. Some thirty years ago a Cessna hit the mountain.
By kayak: some 30 to 40 minutes.
By foot: :clock130:
By bike: same as kayak
By bus: …

Switch to another target :wink:


Not much. This is not a windy city (unfortunately)

IMG_5643_01.cr2.xmp (8.4 KB)

I tried with Filmic RGB and with Tone Equalizer; I’ve had some pleasing results with them. However for this pic I found local contrast more helpful.

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IMG_5643.cr2.xmp (9.6 KB) IMG_5643_01.cr2.xmp (10.5 KB)


Lovely landscape!
Not a local edit; but was fun working on it :slight_smile:

IMG_5643.cr2.pp3 (14.2 KB)

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Amazing! I have to pay more attention to that module.

I didn’t get why turning off channel mixer gives a strong sepia look.
Anyway, very nice, minimalist edit.

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I just went in to take a look. I turned off RGB channels and it did look very yellow. I checked out the RGB tone curves, but disabling them did not make much of a change. The last remaining item is the White Balance, which is in fact the reason for the yellow cast.

Here’s why:
When I created this preset, I began by making some changes to the RGB channels; adding blue to the green and so on to my liking, and then probably adjusted the White Balance to make white stuff look white. I know this goes against the rule of using custom white balance as a creative tool, but alas, it is what I did. :stuck_out_tongue:

DT 2.7 IMG_5643.cr2.xmp (14.1 KB)

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a-IMG_5643.jpg.out.arp.txt (10.4 KB)

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IMG_5643_01.cr2.xmp (2,3 Ko)

RT 5.7, no local edits

IMG_5643.jpg.out.pp3 (12,4 KB)

IMG_5643.cr2.xmp (9,6 Ko) darktable 2.7

Same with the image doctor under development: