[Play Raw] Morning Mist

Darktable 7 edit: white balance/denoise/haze removal/filmic/tone curve/rgb curve/sharpen

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Tried to produce a warm color tone and to focus on the mist.

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Photoflow. (Colour Correction, Tone Mapping, Colourspace conversion).
I was aiming for a natural looking ‘sunny’ appearance.

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darktable 2.6.2
20190402_0027.CR2.xmp (8,6 Ko)

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Wish I could be there :flight_departure:
This was a hard one to edit, so many details…

20190402_0027.CR2.xmp (41.5 KB)

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I loved that background mist and, specially, the mountain range you revealed so clearly!
I’ve bivouacked a couple of times on the highest part of it and got some negative temperatures (in ºC), which is rather strange for this place…

You got a perfect noon natural look, although I took this one at around 7 am, thus with a more warm color temperature. Nice edit!

Freezing out there? :cold_face:

Trying again for a more ‘morning’ look…

20190402_0027_am.pfi (27.1 KB)


darktable (2.7-git): 20190402_0027.CR2.xmp (1.3 KB)

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I like the original image a lot - congratulations @gadolf on the great shot!

In a way similar to @Thomas_Do, I also tried to strengthen the mountain range and the mist, using local contrast with a drawn mask so as not to affect the rest of the image.

20190402_0027.CR2.xmp (7.4 KB)


Thanks, @thd, and welcome to the forum!

And very nice edit you did, natural and at the same time pulling out the mist from the mountains without sacrificing the overall atmosphere. Good job!

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Dear Gustavo,

I wonder, where is that…
And that is, what I made…

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Rio de Janeiro, again, as all other pics I upload here.