[Play Raw] Sunrise

I took today in the morning this picture out of my window. I like it really much, but I think it needs more pop up in the sky. Have fun with it :slight_smile:
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Rapid try

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I might have been a bit careless and thrown the image into a black hole. The singularity exploded and this was the result.


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@Murmele: München?

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RT 5.7

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Another try with RT. Don’t know, maybe too saturated?
Just wanted to add that I think PlayRaw is great. Good daily editing exercise. Everybody should participate.
Edit: By everybody I mean especially those who have very little time and/or are shy/insecure about their editing skills. But of course, one cannot force anybody…


My try with Filmulator.

I ended up with a slightly moodier look.


darktable 2.6.2: _MG_0517.CR2.xmp (5.6 KB)


Nice picture, was fun to work with it

_MG_0517.CR2.xmp (47.9 KB)


For my taste actually somewhat too saturated. I tried to keep my version more natural.
But it’s called “play raw” and sometimes it’s fun to try something more extreme.

I also think, it’s a good idea that more “beginners” participate in play raws. From my own experience I know it’s okay to make mistakes and you learn a lot.

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I think I just invented a name for this style: Viennese Neo-Expressionism. Don’t know how much this says to you. Neoexpressionist photography - does that sound good? Maybe I should write a manifesto? The style itself is not my invention though, kind of comes from the Adobe world, at least a Lr user’s invention. One can get used to a lot of color…

Different opinions are always good. Sometimes it’s about real mistakes, but sometimes it’s just a matter of taste or calibration.

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Sometimes I find the members here are too “polite”. It would be good to point out mistakes and criticize interpretations constructively. But I often don’t dare myself. You don’t want to be rude :wink: .

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I am personally (not from a moderation standpoint) on the fence about criticizing play raws. On one hand, yes it could help improve. On the othet hand, I end up trying things I wouldn’t normally try, and I also try and always post something significantly different from what has already been posted.

From a moderation standpoint, as long as it is constructive and civil, go for it! Also if someone asks not to be, then one should respect that.


And please do not criticize my contributions (no, just joking).


Flickr, 500px and Instagram are about likes and praise.

I don’t know. As I see my versions next to all other versions they really look much more saturated. But I kind of thought that something should balance the darkness of the foreground, which can only be a lot of color because if the upper two thirds of the picture are much brighter than the lower third there is imbalance. Brightness is always lighter than darkness. On the other hand, there is logic in a brighter sky because there would be real imbalance if the foreground were bright and the sky were dark, I mean if the heavy darkness were on top of the light darkness. That would be extreme imbalance.
I am still not sure. I change my opinion about my own edits all the time.
Edit: maybe we conclude that less saturation is more realistic but less balanced?