[Play Raw] Sunset sea



@McCap We need a goat inside or outside of the pod.


A rather normal approach after @McCap 's nice creation

_DSC1053.NEF.xmp (6.9 KB)

Development in darktable, removing one dust bunny and web prep in gimp


You are never satisfied with my artistic renderings…:disappointed_relieved:


I may be wrong but I interpret @afre 's goat as the cherry on top of the cake, and a goat in space … is long due. Also there’s a lot of play, the man said inside or outside {…} the pod… and being a believer I’m pretty sure he’s transmisting a masonic means of “head”. Summary: afre, dunno if we ready for the goat XD maybe a simple fusion of space-time will do je eje

(Andrew) #25

A darker version! -


(OT) Luckily the rockets are smart.


If it were up to @chroma_ghost, a goat, tortoise or dog would have been involved :stuck_out_tongue:, in a spacesuit :upside_down_face:. Dogs in space: Cosmo, Barf, Canine Archaeologists

I won’t be able to best anyone’s wonderful entries here, so I will do something different. As an apology to McCap, I will give him a pixelated space burger.

1 dcraw → document mode.
2 gmic → blown:notBlown pixels → crop, resize and frame → :rainbow:.

(Cranberry Carborundum) #28


_DSC1053.NEF.xmp (8.5 KB)


Nice Sunset.

_DSC1053.NEF.xmp (7,7 KB)

(senpai) #30

with darktable 2.60

_DSC1053.NEF.xmp (16,4 Ko)