[Play Raw] Sunset sea


(Roel) #1

I just thought I would contribute a play RAW too. You’re on the beach, go wild! :crab: What can you do?

Out of camera:

_DSC1053.NEF (25.1 MB) Creative Commons License

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(Mica) #2

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(Morgan Hardwood) #4

As you wish!

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(Ingo Weyrich) #5

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(Thomas) #7

Geat, thanks!

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Low contrast and blue/orange sky

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(Shreedhar Inamdar) #9

Emphasized the communion between humans and nature. One tends to get philosophical during sunrise/sunset, is it not?!!
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Hope no one has a phobia of giant crabs!

(Alberto) #11

Not much to do really, very nice picture!

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Tried to get a glossy-looseleaf-paper-folder look with RawTherapee 5.4-newlocallab, used to take out some of the chromaticity of the overchromaticized beach area.


Nice shot indeed, I love the clouds on the right and low light the sea gets back as reflected light.

I tried to bring up all the colors in the sky without overdoing with saturation (the cheap trick!)

Here my attempt!

_DSC1053.NEF.xmp (5.4 KB)

(St.Stephen) #14

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One with LightZone:

Custom;sunset sea.lzt.txt (13.2 KB)

(Glenn Butcher) #16

The sky’s the thing; my take is to crop most of the beach:

(Merkstә « Selbst) #17

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Approaching Cygnus 714

Stary sky courtesy of milky way - playraw, @chroma_ghost edition.

(Roel) #19

Ohh! Love it! :star_struck:


Ja jajaja jaja fabulastic!!!
I bow to the master… and wait he’s asleep, S McCap, grande :star_struck: