[Play Raw] Warning: Baroque can harm your eyes

Hi, thanks for sharing!
My attempt. I only used 1595, because I’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

CRW_1595.DNG.pp3 (10.5 KB)


You might alleviate that burden by posting the input file to Neat Image :slightly_smiling_face:

Now talking serious, I’m really curious at how far you could reduce noise before Neat

Ok, here is before Neat:

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@Thomas_Do I’m trying to load your sidecar file but nothing happens.
Is it a DT version incompatibility?

Mine is:

darktable --version
this is darktable 2.4.3
copyright (c) 2009-2018 johannes hanika

compile options:
bit depth is 64 bit
normal build
SSE2 optimized codepath enabled
OpenMP support enabled
OpenCL support enabled
Lua support enabled, API version 5.0.0
Colord support enabled
gPhoto2 support enabled
GraphicsMagick support enabled
OpenEXR support enabled

I definitely made the colours and noise excessive enough to hurt your eyes :fire: and to express my feelings on the subject of oppression and obtuseness of the architecture. Also, my take is a little reminiscent of tourists using flash :camera_flash: when they aren’t supposed to. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say that is quite the adventure that you had there!

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I posted the wrong file. I already deleted the oringinal when cleaning up yesterday :flushed: . Sorry!

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Very interesting image @gadolf!

I took the opportunity to test a new dynamic range compression module that I am adding into PhotoFlow (similar to the tone mapping module in Darktable). Here is what I have been able to obtain so far:

The steps are relatively simple:

  • opened all images in HDRMerge and saved the result as a 32f DNG
  • loaded the HDR DNG in PhotoFlow
  • applied chromatic aberrations correction and blend HL reconstruction
  • increased exposure by 2EV
  • applied the new dynamic range compression module, followed by a filmic tone mapping curve (to compress the highlights) and an additional S-shaped curve
  • rotation to straighten the framing

The processing is a bit “over the top” for my personal taste, but shows the potential of the algorithm. I will add the corresponding PFI file as soon as the new code will be committed to GitHub.

What do you think?


@Carmelo_DrRaw Adding this new tool is great for hdr addicts like me.

As for the result, can you reveal more details from that coloured glass on top (sorry, I forgot the word in Portuguese…)? I think it is a good test for your new tool.

With enfuse, I could get some details, by masking the more exposed frames before fusing.

As a gimp/nufraw/g’mic user, here is my KISS version (only the central exposure and the lightest and darkest, fed into my ‘Three Exposures’ plugin.

  1. For each exposure, create 16-bit file in nufraw but do not use the denoising feature there (on some of my pics, it helps, but here it only softened them). Instead use gimp’s noise reduction with the default setting of 4 on each.

  2. Open the “correct” exposure, use my plugin to merge the other two.

  3. Add g’mic’s Local Contrast Enhancement.

  4. Sharpen with gimp’s GEGL unsharp mask at the default settings.

  5. Scale from 4036 pix wide to 2018, convert to 8-bit precision, save as jpeg.

This is the second attempt, on the first I went severely over the top with contrast - lovely shiny gilding but of course a loss of detail around the seats.

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Not (yet) automatically, but some simple manual masking does a decent and quick job:


Maybe what I want to do is produce postcard-style gaudy prints. My own photos are usually taken pointing slightly down, and often a bit angled, and with very visible barrel distortion at wider settings - and I try to fix that up.

So here I’ve added negative lens distortion, rotated a couple of degrees, then used the perspective tool to try to get the side verticals acceptable (all in gimp). Cropped to approx 5:4. Then I’ve used the old Advanced Tone Mapping script, some more contrast, and g’mic octave sharpening. This was just a quick hack, starting from the previous xcf file (which was already sharpened).

I expect everybody here is going to hate me for doing this, but at least the colours are now more likely to hurt your eyes :wink:

EDIT: some of the relevant files are available here: f1r:play-raw-warning-baroque-can-harm-your-eyes

dng -> rawtherapee +----->  enfuse    ---+-> rawtherapee -> gimp -> gmic split wavelets
                   +-> imagemagick Mean +|

All pp3 are equal except for the darker image which has been darkened of 1/3 stop to recover highlights.
In gimp I’ve merged the enfuse and mean images and further worked them after frequency separation


RT invoked as:

rawtherapee-cli -s -b16 -tz \
                -o ../tmp1/${dst} \
                -c *.dng *.RAF *.NEF *.ARW

aligned with:

align_image_stack -v \
            -p review.pto \
            -a ais_ \
            --gpu \
            --corr=0.95 \
            -c 24 \
            -t 15 \
            -m \
            --use-given-order \

enfuse HDR (which I didn’t like very much this time)

enfuse --blend-colorspace ciecam --depth=16 \
    --saturation-weight=0.6 --contrast-weight=0.2 --entropy-weight=0.2 \
    --hard-mask \
    --output=fused/enfuse-${d}.tif \

Mean of images (which strangely gave better results)

convert  \
            -depth 16 \
            tmp2/${dst}/*.tif \
            -evaluate-sequence Mean \

That matches perfectly the topic :wink:

You are right, so sorry, i’ll move it to a separate thread.

No, I meant that it matches perfectly the topic because it causes harm to eyes.

Thanks @gadolf for the showing and sharing the humble entrance of the jesuit’s hut, like it that is crooked, lord have mercy and golden showers each of the words, baby jesus flying like a ketamin butterfly … here here a humble servant. A lot of interesting approaches from everyone =)

Personally wanted to try the penguin’s new dress and so secondly went with single raw and some unorthodentist approach (changed from standard to raw color)… but boy @Carmelo_DrRaw this last iteration of PhF is unstable… fast, yes, breathtakingly so, but very hungry ghost driven, brace yourself when editing jeje. Anyway I cowardly jumped the boat here

raw_color.pfi.zip (2.8 KB)

Then firstly I hdrmerged the motherphotons whith such bad taste that a trail of phosphorescents ants followed me all the way to hell. Then so to synth hdrmerge >> PhF (behaving under the influence {of speed} cortex nimb) >> woodoo g’mic and a LUT… 'cause the acronyms helps evacuate. It looks a bit like aggrigio’s but I swear I stole it myself. Wel enough BS, a good nite 4all

from_hdr.pfi (46.0 KB)


Ah! This thread wouldn’t be complete without @chroma_ghost’s invaluable metaphors and edits!
Now it is.
Well, almost.
Movie recommendation still missing.,

This is my alt unbaroquen version.

1. hdrmerge → merge 1595-1600 (no alignment; no 1594).
2. photoflow → WB of 1597 (blend highlights) → correct CA → linear Rec.2020 (no clipping) → compress lights (filmic new).
3. gmic → fill negatives → brighten → recover highlights → brighten → fill hot pixels → brighten.
4. darktable → perspective correction (semi-auto).
5. gmic → lower contrast → resize → sharpen → add frame.


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Could you try to reproduce the instabilities? I have just prepared a new version that fixes few small bugs, but recently I could not really crash the application with the new tool…


I replyed here not to further obstruct the passage of colonial baroqueness.

@gadolf valeu as palavras encorajadoras de meia serra na garganta do ego, pululo, poluio echo " " … por tanto sou :stuck_out_tongue: