Play raw with Marbled Godwits

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I’m not including my original Darktable *.xmp because I’m not at all happy with that original effort.

I’ll upload a new edit when I get one done. I do want sharply focused birds with a bokeh background–without grainy noise. And a blue water color that doesn’t cause me to wonder if it’s right or not.

PIC_3171.NEF (16.4 MB)

PIC_3171.jpg.out.pp3 (14.1 KB)

Edit: processed for max. detail and low noise

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darktable 3.2

PIC_3171.NEF.xmp (16.6 KB)

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With only a rather abused duiker filmic curve (it turned into an s-curve…):

Nikon D7000!! I did use my shiny new SSF camera profile for the D7000, turns out it doesn’t make any difference from the dcraw matrix, so your colors are ordinary… :laughing:

My take, sorry if it’s too saturated.

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@KristijanZic The birds and their reflections are about right. If you could mask the water and background, the images would benefit greatly.

I think I’ve got it (at least on my 47% sRGB laptop xD).

Love this image… it’s a rare find indeed when you capture a three-legged, two headed wader (@ggbutcher beat me to it)! I wanted to get closer to catch the details and play with the symmetry, toned down the blue with color zones and boosted the colors a bit, paying attention to the orange bills.

Great play raw!

PIC_3171.NEF.xmp (45.3 KB)

While most of the water and background is now less saturated, the details in them are overdone and makes the overall image worse than your original two. I.e. it looks like the structural elements were clipped under saturation.

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With Filmulator:

  • Auto CA Correct 1
  • Drama 72
  • White Clipping Point 0.57
  • Shadow Brightness 131
  • Highlight Brightness 1000

Nice shot! It is difficult to get the colors of the birds right. I tried to avoid over sharpening and over saturation.

PIC_3171.NEF.xmp (21.2 KB)

DT 3.0.2

PIC_3171.NEF.xmp (7.1 KB)


PIC_3171.pfi (34.5 KB)

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Here is mine

PIC_3171.NEF.xmp (15.5 KB)

Well, this is what I got. It is hard to know what color the real birds were, and it is also hard to know what the original light looked like. So, this is an interpretation.

PIC_3171.NEF.xmp (6.5 KB)


@Tim I like the moodier take. :slight_smile:

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