Playing around with water drops.

I treated myself to a Splashart Waterdrop controller as an early Xmas present to myself :wink:

Here is a nice capture from my first session with the kit. Certainly quite fun to play with. Two drops, onboard flash & external flash.


Really nice color! Is it a flash gel?

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I put some milk into the water in the bottom dish, and a touch of red food colouring into the dropper container. And a blue gel on the right hand side flash, and a blue gel on the camera flash :slight_smile:

Lots of fun to be had! :slight_smile:

Very neat: it has the shape of a firework burst. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed Christmas!

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Here’s a pic of the setup. Splashart Dropper kit. What I like about this kit compared to others I had looked at was that it didn’t require a smart phone app or anything - just twiddle the knobs on the control box.



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Here’s another capture from the same shoot. Just plain water. And lucky timing!


Oh, great fun!

I played a litttle with water drops some time ago, but I used the 100% manual
method (i.e. I set the water tap to slow dripping, and just clicked away,
hoping that I would get something on interest).

Here is the best I managed to catch:
Catching a “Duke’s Crown”, or a “Coronet’s Crown”, seem to be considered the goal.
I never caught one.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Nice capture @Claes! I haven’t had a chance to play with the water dropper kit again, hopefully sometime soon.