[PlayRaw] Another view from the mountaintop

Picture was taken in Hartbeespoort in South Africa, you will see from Exif other details. My processing is done entirely in Darktable on Debian

Here is link to raw (NEF) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jOpqa0Y8ytRmBeYqCtlfhIJnudMQrlUY/view?usp=sharing

patdavid says I must add licensing, it is CC BY-SA 4.0

Since quite few people added their settings file let me show you what I did DSC_1425.NEF.xmp (6.0 KB)


Wow, love view!

Would you mind terribly including a license statement in your post?

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Thanks, CC looks good, I will add it now

Using the second most significant bits of the preview image, here’s what I’ve made:


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This escalate quickly.


Beautiful image, thanks for sharing!

And welcome to the forum!

Darktable 2.5.0 (exposure → filmic → color balance → tone curve)

DSC_1425.NEF.xmp (4.0 KB)


I like it. Thanks for your effort. I am also using 2.5, dev version Nov 17

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Nice photo !
Did you use a circular polarizer ? This dual tonned blue in the sky reminds me of pictures I used to take with a polarizer.

Thanks. No I did not. Got CPL for that Tamron 45mm only yesterday. That dual tone is caused with my over the top detail, saturation and contrast processing. Will go through history and see where exactly it appears.

Sorry that is not Tamron 45mm but Irix 15mm, no I do not have 95mm CPL.
Tamron was used to create panorama.

Lowpass uniform blend in softlight mode does that. Though it looks very drastic only in web browser.

At first glance, it looked CGI. Guess it is partly due to the perspective and tone-mapped appearance…

Hello @FBulovic, I did two transgressions. Hope you do not mind. First is to change the title to include [PlayRaw] as in the case of most such entries. I thought that more people will notice it this way.
The second was to remove the advantage of the wide angle given by the 15mm lens to give the following rendition. (Reason: I thought that the dark patch on the ground and the clipped clouds in the sky in the left side of the image did not add much to the overall effect.)
DSC_1425-1.jpg.out.pp3 (11.8 KB)


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DSC_1425.NEF.pp3 (12.5 KB)


Looks good

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A little Rawtherapee, a little LuminanceHDR, a lot of GIMP…

A little edit to show the curving road in the distance and a little lightening.

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Nice landscape!

All done in darktable 2.5 (latest git version)


Darktable (2.5.0) only.

DSC_1425.NEF.xmp (10.8 KB)


DSC_1425-4.jpg.out.pp3 (11.4 KB)


Thanks, nice processing as well

@FBulovic thanks 4 d plain. Nice versions pips :+1:

Today something light. Just wanted to check on those 2 new tool photoflow now has, mucho noise and guided puertorican and a LUT I’ve been datin’ {here please picture a horny donkey observing Der Lauf der Dinge} Anyway, all photoflow (including post resize) but the applying, done through gmic.

The edit file
DSC_1425.tif.pfi.zip (6.6 KB)

The LUT, you’re free to abuse it
satugator_II.cube.zip (367.8 KB)



Nice image. Deceivingly hard to get the most out of every corner, though. Playing with a different order of operations to respect the linear data before scaling for display, I 1) cropped to emphasize the line of the road running into the distance, 2) wee bit of saturation, but it probably wasn’t needed, 3) output resize and sharpen, 4) and then, set the black/white points to scale the data and 5) a rather squirrely curve to put some contrast in the low tones (the foregroud) and the light tones (sky) but not over-darken the midtones.

That curve was almost too much for a curve tool, almost went to GIMP to dodge/burn with layers…

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