[PlayRAW] Autumn Island


(jmdigne) #21

Darktable only

(peter) #22

My try :slight_smile:

Great to see all those different ‘interpretations’.

(Dendenis Kushnirenko) #23

All is very interesting, it`s like self portrait or every raw editor!) some more realistic, some more like painting of rainy day…

(Antorris) #24

Here’s my go at it! Edited in Darktable with a touch of Gimp to finish up.

6Q1B7618_01.CR2.xmp (11.2 KB)

(Dominik Markiewicz) #25

And me too, speed edit with DT only :slight_smile:

6Q1B7618.CR2.xmp (27.5 KB)

(Boris Hajdukovic) #26

Darktable and GIMP. Quick and dirty.
I’m not really satisfied but for first try it’s OK :slight_smile:
I like colors of the stones.

Exposure / Tone Curve / Parametric / Perceptual not working as tooltip suggests?
(Andrew) #27

And one from me…

CIECAM in RT and a few tweaks in GIMP.


Raw dcraw (no interpolation)
Play G’MIC
Inspiration Thunderstorms this week.

(nikola) #29

autumn: ufraw/gimp:
brightness-contrast [gegl]/channel mixer/gmic-film emulation/hue-saturation/layers: gradient map.

(Mica) #30

6Q1B7618.CR2.xmp (15.5 KB)

Lots of nice takes on this photo here! Mine is darktable with two instances of the monochrome module set to different blend modes and equalizer.


RT and GIMP 2.9, a bit of everything in terms of conception …

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #32

Here is my take on this one, all done with PhotoFlow:

  • spot WB on the clouds
  • optical corrections
  • some contrast tweaking with curves, using masks to select mostly the foreground
  • increased the saturation a bit in the yellows/greens
  • HIRALOAM local contrast enhancement, stronger for the water&rock in the foreground
  • slight clockwise rotation
  • a bit of USM sharpening
  • square crop with the mountains occupying the upper third of the image

6Q1B7618.jpg.pfi (40.9 KB)

(Morgin) #33

Fun! I was just in the midst of editing some Alaska pics and this fit right in to my groove:

DT for the basics and then Gimped to expand the canvas, add the clouds and curve it up.


@MLC Your attempt complements mine well. It is the calm before the storm. In my area, it is billowing clouds one day and thunderstorms the next. Too bad my dog has PTSD when it comes to inclement weather.

(Morgin) #35

Poor puppy dog.:frowning:

I had one that would shake so bad during fireworks that he always managed to weasel his way into our bed despite his 85lb frame.

My current dog is just old and lazy and would rather snuggle on the couch than go for a walk in the rain.

(Susan ) #36

Didn’t play with the raw to get an outcome. Did in Light zone but didn’t like what came out so I took your jpg and played with it in gimp Ran National Geographic filter with a blue tint then healed the stick out, Oh I also got rid of the blue jetty (I think)

(Chtrtm) #37

Darktable only.


Very nice shot!

Two white balances exported from RT into Gimp, mixed them, added some local C2G and off we go…

I would go with different crop, if I did it again.

(Thomas) #39

This thread was initiated some time ago but I would nevertheless like to add my work in darktable. I just started with DT and like the PlayRaws as a very good excercise. Also you can compare what others can do with RAW files.

6Q1B7618.CR2.xmp (19.6 KB)

(senpai) #40

darktable 2.60
6Q1B7618.CR2.xmp (6,0 Ko)