[PlayRaw] Battle of Light and Darkness


(John) #24

Afraid I can’t remember all steps. I do have the pp3 for the first step
IMG_20170729_185409.png.out.pp3 (10.0 KB)
What I have done is bought as much of the histogram in bearing in mind that I eventually want some detail to show in the mountains and leaving space at each end of the histogram for later contrast work.

Then by the look of it Fotoxx. It looked like I had a shot that needed some clarification due to mist. It’s style of tone mapping and curves and colour work. Still some what flat so GIMP and I think just a softlight layer. I then noticed some graininess had been bought out in the blue sky area so back to Fotoxx and a light wavelet denoise. I think this was detail enhancement rather than processing artefacts.


(Thomas) #25

I am on vacation at the seaside in Denmark. So editing this photo of a mountain scene is a nice change. DT only.

IMG_20170729_185409.dng.xmp (9.2 KB)

(David Oliver) #26

darktable: IMG_20170729_185409.dng.xmp (9.6 KB)

The equalizer module is used to reduce chromatic noise and add contrast to the faces of the mountains.

(Mica) #27

That is a very nice rendition!


Thank you all for participating! It is always interesting to see all the various ways of processing a single image.

(Antorris) #29

Here’s my go at it!

IMG_20170729_185409.dng.xmp (7.5 KB)


Looks Good!