[PlayRaw] Coffee Drops


(Massimo Bill) #1

I had a shot in mind the other day (high speed capture of coffee dropping from the machine into water), but when I setup and tried it, I figured that the environment (a kitchen) was awfully lit and that I could not get high speed shots and narrow aperture (=sharper shots) without increasing the ISO.
The challenge here would be to try and make this photo pop… thing that I couldn’t really achieve myself, in my opinion…
I’m not a great retoucher, I’m more of a ‘light purist’ photographer. I’m actually interested in learning more post-editing, though (maybe I’ll throw away less shootings…).

I’d love to see what magic can be done with more editing experience than mine.

Coffee_Drop_0040.CR2 (28.8 MB)

Canon 80D, Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8.
The files are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0

I hope I’m not abusing of ‘play_raw’. If so, please let me know.

Have fun!

(Mica) #2

Coffee_Drop_0040.CR2.xmp (9.5 KB)

Here is my quick take. The crop isn’t right, I’d have preferred the original framing a bit looser.


Coffee_Drop_0040.CR2.pp3 (11.1 KB) RawTherapee 5.4-dev

Adjustments to the red-yellow-green balance. Retinex, default setting.

(Alberto) #4

thanks for sharing! here’s my take


DT Coffee_Drop_0040.CR2.xmp (8.8 KB)


@billznn Cool. I like the silhouette of the coffee dripping into the glass.
@agriggio Classy.
@yteaot Clear.


Here is my quick edit with darktable.

Coffee_Drop_0040.CR2.xmp (8.5 KB)

(Thomas) #8

So many interessting edits. Difficult to to something better or at least different. Nevertheless, my try in DT only.

Coffee_Drop_0040.CR2.xmp (9.6 KB)

(Massimo Bill) #9

Thank you all, guys!
The reaction has been far above my expectations.
They’re all great works! I see now how much is there to photo editing that I’m still not familiar with. I’ll throw away far less shots from now on, since I can see how much can be achieved even by a poorly taken photograph.


Thanks, @billznn for the droppings =)
is that for the picture or some type of beverage with coffee?
It is amazing (if only taking that into account) how many variations can brown have, I’ll venture one per set of dev’s eyes, so many millions, je je and the textures!!!

For this experience, I brought along an interview with one of me idoltriments {teenager with wet undies, ja ja aj, lol and all that} George Carlin that I’ve been wanting to watch for quite a long time – if u interested, it revolves around Carlin’s upbringing, career and life >> here – it served as soundtrack and distraction / relief while photocrost was chewing into pixels.

The still, I did like its inclination, it kind of went well along the lines of the movement if you catch my dripping, maybe not so much the framing and that was my first todo in the todo list I didn’t write. Along with this abstraction I had like a tingling… too subtle to be a pain and yet too present to ignore what it wanted ( I had a pain that wanted may use this as a title), sorry I digress, it wanted soft yet detailed. I rushed to take my meds and sacrificed a couple hundred million bacteria in order to restore the order.

Everything is melting … mantra was that’s not diarrhea

Once the main “character” of the picture’s light & colour was set, I tried ( just stocked a pile in pure laziness) to punctuate and balance a soft(er) light from top right, the glass’ shadow on the left and details inside the glass. I was pleased (achtung!!) with the process so far BUT {type of negative in d bkgd} PhF was tearing badly the space-time construction fabric trying to export this unwanted being, arrrggghhh!!! Tried to export in two stages, did not work; so in the end, just scaled the hell down of the drippings’ soul.

PhotoFlow took me till here:

Coffee_Drop_0040.tif.pfi.zip (4.8 KB)

A bit sad {my left face’s side} and laughing 'cause of Carlin went into Gimp (partha’s build) as a workshop for g’mic. Further pursued the idea of soft yet detailed with tweaking a homemade LUT ( detrito_especial for personal REF), DRI and the most obnoxious and time-consuming blend modes moves. Though it had crossed my mind to genocide, I mean denoise (grade - denoise - grain scream the industry experts) was too late, I’d become quite fond of the texture… so added grain, a pinch.

With Gimp & G’mic ended here:

Here’s a bit of the experience’s diagram :P, cheers

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #11

Here is one from RawTherapee dev 5.4-409-g99caa76f7. I am uploading 100% quality JPG so that there is no posturization.
Coffee_Drop_0040-1.jpg.out.pp3 (12.4 KB)


My take. Wish The crop wasn’t so great after the rotate, but rotate I did.

1. RawTherapee@heckflosse’s sharpening workflow.
2. GIMP → rotate and crop. (I suppose I could have done it in RT.)
3. gmic → slightly smooth (guided) → brighten → add contrast for drama → sharpen → resize → zoom 100% to enjoy!

Hope it displays correctly because in my image viewer I see: (I will make this my alt take.)


Rawtherapee and a little of gimp
Coffee_Drop_0040.CR2.pp3 (12.4 KB)

(Glenn Butcher) #14

The rotate made the crop a challenge. Amped saturation and sharpen:

Edit: forgot to include the processing specifics -
rawproc-0.8Dev Coffee_Drop_0040.CR2:autobright=0;colorspace=prophoto;gamma=prophoto;wavelet_denoise=1000; blackwhitepoint:rgb,0,179 curve:rgb,0.0,0.0,42.0,27.0,98.0,128.0,158.0,175.9,255.0,255.0 rotate:3.8 crop:1317,304,4216,4172 saturation:1.30 resize:800,0,lanczos3 denoise:29,1,3 sharpen:5

Of note are 1) two applications of denoise, dcraw wavelet=1000 and nlmeans after resize, didn’t feel comfortable going further with the dcraw algorithm, 2) there’s still a bit of the image edge in the bottom-right corner, an artifact of the compromise to get my take on composition after rotating the image to lay the top of the glass horizontal.


Only darktable

Coffee_Drop_0040.CR2.xmp (9,4 KB)


My alt2. I altered the aspect ratio slightly, making the glass taller.

1. RawTherapee → AMaZE+VNG4 → pixel filters → Rec2020 linear → rotate → auto-matched curve → 32f.
2. gmic → brighten → remove noise (wavelet) → sharpen → resize → vignette → zoom 100% to enjoy!


As I may have indicated, I don’t feel comfortable using dcraw's wavelet denoising at all. Interesting how you denoised again, and after the resize. Still figuring out how best to resize, sharpen and smooth, but I think I am getting better at it, or at least have an eye for it now.

(Glenn Butcher) #18

Oops, “two applications of denoise” was meant to end with a comma. One wavelet=1000, one nlmeans=29.

The NLMeans algorithm works really well, but my implementation is not optimized (one day I’ll get to it), and I’ve found the dcraw wavelet denoise to work well.

@afre, just looked and couldn’t find, what’s your concern with the dcraw algorithm?


Just saying that when I tried using it the results weren’t satisfactory. In my workflow for alt2, I simply split the image into several scales and removed a scale that contained almost all of the noise. Now, that doesn’t usually apply but what I am trying to say is that I prefer the good old fashioned way. :slight_smile: As an aside, nlmeans is too much for my laptop to handle, so I haven’t been using it.

(Glenn Butcher) #20

This image was too much for my Surface 3, had to move to the desktop computer with 8GB RAM. On the Surface, had all the processing stacked up, went to save, and the program aborted, no messages. May have to rethink my full-frame ambitions… :smiley: