[PlayRaw] Extreme telephoto landscape

Second try, “correct” wb, and new filmic tool tweakings to reduce contrast (regarding my first version) and pop out shadows. Pretty cool this new tool!

DSC00163.ARW.xmp (4.4 KB)

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Maybe I pushed a bit too much… but you know, some days I just feel to lazy to be delicate :sweat_smile:

Developed with darktable: DSC00163.ARW.xmp (6.6 KB)

Interesting how the square crop seems to add a lot of depth…


@Waveluke thanks for sharing the mcruhhet raw. It is funny how something more to the abstract side of the spectrum yields such different approaches… so I wonder if it’s because no reference… anyway, @Thomas_Do I guess from up there the carpet is more homogeneous, yours is my fav version :heart: :high_heel: :rotating_light:. @heckflosse tight crop man!!! @HIRAM like the colours and the shower curtain approach, wach the mercury in the tunna! @yteaot a bit too crispy, but those pastels gave me a hard-on :bomb:


then gimp and gmic; by the end I had to de-contrast the image… we have the unhealthy tendency… Also used a washed out (~30& lum and 45% ch) kodak tetrachrom 400 stock LUT below which helped a nicer colour relation between the hot hils and darker BKGD (of course, but absolutely of coursely) punctuated by our friend the trees!! Viva los trees!!!

tetajhromo_400_emulotron_ripof.cube.zip (53.9 KB)


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I like the shot :slight_smile: Here my take in darktable. I tried to push the contrast in the colors.


This landscape looks so familiar… :thinking: I may have seen a similar image used in multiple image processing related papers.

Dehaze algorithm papers?

Also here is exactly the location on Google Maps, with an approximate depiction on the angle and subject of the photo, if you are curious. The angle shows what was in the shot, converging to the location of camera, the balcony of the resort center. This was on a very remote native american reservation, so no Google Street View, unfortunately.

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You are welcome. What do you mean by calling my raw “mcruhhet”?

DSC00163.ARW.jpg.out.pp3 (12.7 KB)

good atmospheric colour contrast in the image, decided to not to dehaze

I’m really not sure, but it is better than “jrapicagawuit” and a bit more embodied than “fhs”

a direct export from dt, taking on @HIRAM 's “shower curtain” effect (bloom masked & toned down)

This is a great image, it is a gursky in disguise (not a fan), well better than the stuff he normally produces, if you ask me {… silence, wind… more wind, small footprints, maybe a lizard creature or a fat ant, dust and yes, more dust, one of those rolling bushes from western movies… wind, sand, ffffssshhh… no, nobody is asking, yet} a crossbreed of the Bechers, Smithson and some Gursky pastels… maybe. Anyway I really like it; to be completelly honest my favourite by far from all the playraws… so deceivingly simple… ahhh {more wind, a three legged coyote playing pong}. Cheers

‘Atmospheric colour contrast’ I concur. Haze gives aerial perspective when the camera is positioned too far away to get proportional/linear perspective, and is a less used way of communicating foreground, midground and background than the oft used ‘rocks made gigantic with a close wide angle’ composition technique.

My take. Kept it simple, paying attention to bright sandy foreground. I increased the contrast and detail., which would inevitably increase the saturation naturally but hopefully not by too much. Edit: I did increase some saturation after all. I uploaded a v2.

1. PhotoFlow → HL mode (blend) → Rec2020 (no clipping) → 32f
2. gmic → brightness, contrast (curves) → sharpen (high freq. contrast) → increase chroma (og only: curve on C) → sharpen (LoG) → resize

Zoom 100% and enjoy!

Original: slight increase in saturation.

Edit: v2: without the increase in saturation.


I tried to pop the foreground, so I duplicated the filmic and color balance tools, splitting foreground from background with a gradient and treating those two areas differently (foreground with more aggressive settings for both filmic and color balance tools)

I tried to create kind of a 3D feeling.

On Darktable 2.5.


DSC00163_01.ARW.xmp (5.5 KB)

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Rawtherapee and a bit of fotoxx, just added a bit of a brightness ramp to knock back the haze a bit and adjust front back brightness levels the a touch of zonal flatten, enhances the low contrast areas a bit.v02 DSC00163.ARW.pp3 (10.1 KB)

My screen is currently a touch brighter than it should be.