[PlayRaw] Falkert - Austrian Landscape



darktable: 20170823__DSC9545.NEF.xmp (6.6 KB)


In RawTherapee 5.3-newlocallab.

20170823__DSC9545.NEF.pp3 (12.9 KB)


@Thomas_Do and the Furs are strong with ur crop =)

The thing I reclaimed back in this processing was a simple guide to help me (visually) with luminosity, desanata layer in the pfi, just a desaturated layer. So PhF till here:

20170823__DSC9545_PhF.tif.zip (3.8 KB)

And then Gmic within Chimp; only difference from ussual WF was gold sharpness instead of … fuck I already forgot the name… For once didn’t mozz the image so (even though a jpeg) details prevail (41MB). Cheers good people of the Fosso :sauropod:

1:1 crop


@chroma_ghost All this crazy talk about goats… in the end it is the crop that matters. I was considering doing a close one like this 1:1 crop.


which goat wheeeeerrree? Yo should go ahead and crop the hell out the Falkert hills mate :love_you_gesture::tiger2::facepunch::zap::zap: :cactus:

BTW, it is said that a wise goat (if that’s possible?) that lived long ago in a far away land on top of a beautiful mountain once meeed: live so precariously that what matters changes from moment to moment …go figure

(Mica) #26

20170823__DSC9545.NEF.xmp (14.7 KB)

Here is my try! This was very nice, thank you for sharing!

(jmdigne) #27

My Darktable result

and the associated XMP
20170823__DSC9545_01.NEF.xmp (5.7 KB)



(Kane Davis) #29

I really like this one, thanks!

(Kane Davis) #30

My attempt. Great photo. I had most trouble with the busy foreground, could not get contrast / sharpness right. Darktable 2.2.5.
20170823__DSC9545.NEF.xmp (24.2 KB)

(Roel) #31

I love the picture, but my take on it is very unconventional I think :slight_smile:
I am not perfectly happy with the colours of the rock, but it’s the best I could do.

20170823__DSC9545.NEF.xmp (49.6 KB)


I feel like I’m hang gliding.


@Thanatomanic The rock face is suddenly a bit too close for comfort like I am falling.

@HIRAM Never tried hang gliding. Have you?


Hi, my take on it with photoflow and a bit of gimp


@ch_choux I like it! Welcome to the forum BTW.


Thanks, it’s a very nice community you have here.

(senpai) #37

I try with darktable 2.60

20170823__DSC9545.NEF.xmp (13,1 Ko)