[PlayRaw] Fallen Trees

This one I found quite difficult to turn into something decent and detailed.
It’s a fragment of the past fall wind destruction.
Anyhow, I’m curious to see what could be done with it.
Have fun!

Trentino_Alto_Adige_0108.CR2 (26.2 MB)
Trentino_Alto_Adige_0108_billznn.CR2.xmp (6.3 KB)


Wow, that’s really devastating…

Hard image to process, here’s what I did in rawproc:

  • group: My standard raw processing:
    • colorspace:camera,assign;
    • subtract:camera;
    • whitebalance:camera;
    • demosaic:amaze
  • blackwhitepoint:rgb,1,19 - I normally scale to the data limits, but this time I manually scooched the black and white points. I wanted to crush the blacks a bit, but they weren’t behaving nicely so I left it at 1. On the other end, the brightest part of the image was a good 2 stops below the saturation point.
  • denoise:wavelet,0.003000 - Most of this image sits at and below the sensor noise floor, so I took a bit of the speckle out with this.
  • whitebalance:auto - The camera white balance didn’t normalize the channels sufficiently, so I let a gray-world average do the rest of the work.
  • curve:rgb,0.0,0.0,19.0,5.5,37.0,24.3,71.0,91.0,193.0,226.3,255.0,255.0 - My goal with the curve was to put some contrast in the fallen trees. I messed with a filmic curve for a bit, but I finally discarded that and did a manual tone curve that’s roughly S-shaped, but placed toward the left.
  • crop:0.124521,0.123656,1.000000,0.999135 - I found that bright point in the lower left to be disctracting, so I cropped it out.
  • group: Standard output processing
    • resize:1080; A bit bigger than I normally do, but not too big for pixls.us…
    • sharpen:1; Restore some acuity.

Thinking about it, I might go back and retry filmic with a S-curve…


Moody photo. One could apply many different treatments. I chose to keep it simple. Zoom and enjoy!
1 PhotoFlow no-clip linear float with lens correction.
2 gmic HLG curve, dehaze, brightness-contrast curves, weighted guided sharpening, softlight contrast, sharpen-resize


GIMP 2.10.10

Trentino_Alto_Adige_0108.CR2.pp3 (13.1 KB)

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Trentino_Alto_Adige_0108.CR2.xmp (6.2 KB)

Does anyone see the shape of a small dog? The head being at the top-right corner? :dog:

Now, that you mention it … :grinning:

darktable (2.6.2): Trentino_Alto_Adige_0108.CR2.xmp (2.4 KB)