[PlayRaw] Flowers Flowers Flowers!



Yes it’s from the embedded thumbnail/preview but when i look it with windows photo viewer his size is the same as the raw file


With RT locallab_dev, a locallab spot on the flower bunch to emphasize the center, and an Ektachrome sim to reddify the fuchsia.

_MG_0434.CR2.pp3 (11.9 KB)

(Morgin) #23

Your mother is welcome at my house anytime!
Here’s mine with DT and GIMP. For some reason, I thought it very important that the green be brought back to the leaves. Now, I wish I’d stuck with the blue and gone for a more contrasty look.

(Stefan Chirila) #24

Here’s my take on it

and the PP3
_MG_0424.CR2.pp3 (10.5 KB)

The edit is based on a preset I made to immitate the look of Steve McCurry’s work :stuck_out_tongue: some form of contrasty dark gritty Kodachrome

Oh and @afre, thanks for sharing :smiley:


@HIRAM The reds remind me of cut roses in a bouquet. Nicely done. If you could share your pp3, your post would be complete :slight_smile:.

@MLC I agree– the background could use some contrast. As for the blue, while I made positive comments about it, I would be careful not to overdo it. Nothing is stopping you from doing another take :wink:.

@stefan.chirila Love the tonality. The thing I would reconsider is the flower. Make it pop :sunny: !

(Stefan Chirila) #26

@afre how would I make the flower pop? I mean I could Gimp it …but otherwise?
And thanks for the kind words! :smiley:


Thx @afre, post completed!

(Morgan Hardwood) #28

_MG_0424 morgan.jpg.out.pp3 (11.5 KB)


@stefan.chirila There are many ways to isolate and make the flower pop in RT. First thing to do is to check out the others’ pp3s for ideas.

@Morgan_Hardwood Reminds me of childhood: crayons, highlighters, food dyes, color-changing cars, and the enigmatic characters and set pieces of graphic, fantasy and sci-fi novels.

(Mica) #30

This is Filmulator and g’mic’s ZilverFX filter. I really wanted to make the flower pop!


@paperdigits This complements @Morgan_Hardwood’s rendition: his golden to your silver. Can’t wait for someone to do a bronze and digital age :wink:.

Sorry that the raws weren’t very good. Took them in a hurry with shaky hands with arm, neck and back pain. Thanks for taking things to the next level with your post-processing :hugs:!