[PlayRaw] Green-modern park

This was shot in a park in Hamburg next to the ‘Michel’ church. You see behind the park the ‘Gruner+Jahr’ publishing company and behind of that a piece of the Elbphilharmony.

RAW (CC-BY-NC-SA): 20180712_Hamburg_Michel_5466.DNG (15.2 MB)

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EDIT : second version
20180712_Hamburg_Michel_5466.DNG.pp3 (11.8 KB)

My version of the Elbphilharmonie.

20180712_Hamburg_Michel_5466.DNG.xmp (12,9 KB)

… and b/w.

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To the adms: yes the image is 4476px wide but is also “only” 1080 pixels in height and at 849KB the second lightest in the thread; I don’t think this particular crop works at 1920 wide, too small to see the pigeon spitin’ … yet if you feel I’m stretching let me know and I’ll hang a chihuahua on a lady’s bag version =)

@chroma_ghost you’re good!

I appreciate it Mica, really do =)

RT 5.5

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darktable 2.60
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