[PlayRaw] Guggenheim Bilbao

Ok, by popular demand :wink:, here is the picture I took recently in Bilbao of the Guggenheim Museum. I have written the story to the picture in this post:

I had dirt on the lens, which I only noticed later so there are one or two spots in the sky, which have to be cleaned up.
Here’s my processed take, done in RT and Gimp. As I didn’t plan on doing a playraw I don’t remember exactly what I did, But basically I did a base processing in RT and the did the clean up in gimp, plus I added some details in the structures in Gimp.

And here’s the RAW File: 20170316T083420.ZIP (12.9 MB)

20170316T083420.RW2 (14.2 MB)

Sorry for zipping it, but it seems I am not allowed to upload .RW2 files. (@patdavid, how come? )
License: Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Because I haven’t added them to the upload list, but will do so immediately! Sorry (and thanks for bringing it to my attention)!

Done! We can upload .RW2 files now without a problem.

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First attempt of mine, fullly edited with PhotoFlow:

My edit, in pills:

  • RAW processed with CAMERA WB, -0.7EV exp. compensation and standard DCP profile from Adobe
  • Added an initial vignetting to darken the top and top-right region of the picture (mostly sky)
  • Locally increased the contrast over the building, to better put in evidence the tonal variations and textures
  • Added some global brightening of the shadows and mid-tones through a curve associated with an inverted luminosity mask
  • Brought down the mid-tones a bit to better balance the overall tonal range
  • Added some slight color adjustment by pulling up the red channel in the highlights and the blue channel in the shadows
  • Increased the color saturation a bit
  • Perspective correction & crop
  • Sharpening with G’MIC’s “texture sharpening” at radius=3

I did not care about the dirt spots in the sky…


In Darktable, perspective correction, cropped, shadows & highlights, local contrast, played around with the colour zones (three times), split toning and a bit of vignetting;


@Carmelo_DrRaw, @bminney, that was quick. Nice takes!
Carmelo, it’s funny I actually did a version with photoflow and it was very similar to what you have done. I like how the Guggenheim’s structure comes out in your take.
Bminney, nice idea with the toning.

I think I do see very slight haloing in both of your takes.

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Well I was doing it at speed! I thought there was haloing in the distance and I suppose I could’ve tackled it with luminosity masks in GIMP but I wanted to use Darktable. Its still a great photo no matter how much we mess around with it. I especially like the reflections in the bottom right corner - they almost creep in unnoticed.

Nice picture! Here’s with RawTherapee


Second attempt, replacing one gaussian blur with a more sophisticated bilateral blur:

Did this get rid of the slight halos?


thanks @McCap for the sharing and everybody contributing =)

Photoflowow wow wow with FP on the black people and provia on the white people, halos on everybody else.


Seems “my” photoflow is starting to behave like a pet, luk cho kiut all high and stuffffff


unauthorized version (photoflow+gimp, 3 minutes made)


Which spots in the sky?

Interesting variations.
Very interesting crop @alex666
Nice toning @chroma_ghost (in the first one :wink:)

There is one on the right side at half height, more like a smear. you can see it in Carmelo_DrRaw version.

@Carmelo_DrRaw, @bminney, I hope miy halo comment didn’t come accross as rude. It is just that I have been practicing a lot processing lately, where I try to make high contrast photos less contrasty (pulling shadows up and highlights down). And I got halos very often doing that. So maybe I developed an oversensitivity. :sweat:
In your pictures it was almost unnoticeable and didn’t detract from the picture.
(Contrary to some people on Flickr who post pictures with terrible halos, and people love them ???)

On the contrary, I hate halos probably at least as much as you do! :wink:

That’s for me the one thing that still makes digital photography an awful artistic product in so many cases… so I try as much as possible to avoid halos in my edits.

I struggle with halos and to be honest didn’t really see them until the evening when I had different lighting in the room (we had that rare thing in the UK earlier - sunshine!).

I suppose I’m guilty of trying too many processes at once but I do like Darktable, its very tempting!!

So no don’t worry, I’m a beginner at this processing lark and appreciate any useful comments

Nice photo. I was there a few years ago. I used a few Darktable 2.6.2 with filmic, retouch, and the perspective correction module and a few other modules to sharpen and bring out some color.

That focal length is a challenge though and the building does not have a lot of straight lines.

20170316T083420.RW2.xmp (7.4 KB)

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20170316T083420.pfi (38.0 KB)

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20170316T083420.RW2.xmp (8.8 KB) 20170316T083420_01.RW2.xmp (9.5 KB)

My punchy take on this, using RawTherapee 5.6

20170316T083420.jpg.out.pp3 (12.1 KB)

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20170316T083420.RW2.xmp (18.5 KB)

Nice image @McCap. Here is an attempt using GIMP 2.10. Just used Screen and Mutiply mode with masking and then a slight color toning. It could definitely be done better. But don’t have time for the thorough job.

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