[PlayRaw] Mairi Troisieme


(Carmelo Dr Raw) #41

One more attempt, brighter in the face compared with the previous one, and with a sort of warm desaturated look for the skin…

(Pat David) #42

I think we should! Does anyone have a raw image they’d like to share with folks?

I’d be happy to make another image available if not, but let’s mix it up a bit with any contributions from everyone else!

Feel free to start the thread yourself, or feel free to get the raw image to me and I’ll be happy to start it for you!

(Phil Howcroft) #43

I can supply a RAW file for the next PLAY RAW challenge. If a streetie style shot is preferred to a portrait I could supply the RAW file to any of the below (although I don’t know where I can put it so it can be shared !!! so someone will have to tell me)

Never Look a Police Horse In The Mouth by Phil Howcroft, on Flickr

Every 10 mins by Phil Howcroft, on Flickr

Waiting for the Tram by Phil Howcroft, on Flickr


Hi Pat, I’m not sure where to post. I’ve never posted before. I thought replying to you might be okay.

I only read about this today. Sorry that I’m late.

I could not upload the pp3 as a message came up saying that new users cannot upload attachments…



Here’s a link to the pp3 file:



(Francisco Cribari) #46

Here is my edit using Darktable. P.S. This is my first post here, I am not sure I’m doing it correctly.

(Morgin) #47

I finally had a few minutes to sit down and play with this. Slightly vintage with textures and grain. RT and GIMP 2.9.

(Morgan Hardwood) #48

@mlc I like the green cast, how did you achieve it? Can you make your PP3 available?

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #49

Here comes another try, this time with some subtle skin smoothing using G’MIC’s multi-scale decomposition (with base scale=0.3 and detail scale=0.02) and then freehand bushes+feathered selections on the various levels:

Here is the link to the PhotFlow PFI file for this edit.

(Morgin) #50

I did some very basic tone curve and color toning adjustments as well as a spot white balance modified to a more yellow/green hue. Here is the pp3

I then took it into GIMP 2.9 for subtle skin retouching and more color adjustments. One being a Fuji 800Z film emulation on high in G’MIC masked off her face. There were probably quite a few hue/saturation adjustments and some dodging and burning in there somewhere.

I applied two textures, one with a black and white graininess and vignette, the other with a golden hue. I set the B&W grain to soft light and the golden texture to overlay (so glad that’s fixed) and applied luminosity masks with some hand brushing here and there to keep them off her face. I believe I got them both on DeviantArt, but it was years ago, so I don’t remember who to attribute them to. I can probably come up with something similar if anyone is interested.

A wavelet sharpen and a Kodak TMAX 400 G’MIC grain layer later and I think I was done.

(Pat David) #51

Awesome, thanks for offering some new files to use!

Do you want to pick one and email me the raw file (patdavid@gmail.com)? I’ll queue it up for a new PlayRaw soon!

(Phil Howcroft) #52


I’ve emailed you the police horse shot :slight_smile:



(Sebastien Guyader) #53

I know this challenge is closed, but I wanted to try something different, a combination of developing the raw file in Rawtherapee, and some illustrative look in Gimp:

Mairi_Troisieme.ORF.pp3 (9.2 KB)

To get the illustrative look, I used several G’MIC filters in layers: Simple Local Contrast, Smooth [diffusion], Sharpen [inverse diffusion] and then some soft final smudging on skin. I adjusted the layers’ opacity to taste, and added some grain in G’MIC (from film emulation, Orwo NP20-GDR).

(Pat David) #54

I wouldn’t say it’s closed. We’re not voting or anything so anyone is welcome to continue sharing their results!

Also, this is a really neat result with those G’MIC filters. :slight_smile:

(Phil Howcroft) #55

the skin tones are excellent on this , an almost high key feel to the face
superb shot sebastian


I read through pixls.us since a while, this thread actually made me sign up and contribute, i think the PlayRaw is a very nice idea!

I only used Darktable.
so, this is my work:


Hi, I try to post my personal attempt and my first post here ; I just had fun with Darktable
Comments welcome.


Second attempt, a bit more dramatic ; I also worked on the eyes.


entry 59 =), photoflow but mostly g’mic goodies within gimp.
I ruined it a bit at the finishing line because some weird spot popping and trying to sell used death row’s appliances, and so a gruesome blur was the best thing I could come with, go figure. Didn’t brighten the eyes (on purpose), it looks so due to a general brightness boost with a snake of a luma mask… ended up liking the result and as also (vaguely) reminded me the paintings of david’s chiaroscuro, left it there.
Nice idea, nice entries everybody :smile_cat:

And thank you David for providing a great portrait for us to mess with

(Alex) #60

Had another play, this time with Lightzone (another open-source RAW developer) …