[PlayRaw] Mairi Troisieme


(John) #61

Tiny bit in RT.Shifted black point, just bottom left of curve so contrast up a touch. Tried for a skin tone just with chromasity. Not sure what that should be so guessed. Then quick wavelet cosmetic work in the GIMP. . I like one of the views while working in the GIMP so cropped like that. Also a bit of Fotoxx warmer / cooler and corner darkening. My E-M5 doesn’t produce skin colours like this straight from raw.Is it warm lighting or some such effect?

Not sure about the cosmetic work so lots in places and not much in others rather than keeping it even.

:slight_smile:I’ll probably want to do it again in the morning.


(Boris Hajdukovic) #62

Ok. Here is my try. My approach was to get a bit colder background and warmer face colours and to try to avoid harsh transitions between light and shadows.
Thanks for photo Pat! I really like that lighting.

(Pat David) #63

Wonderful result and you’re super welcome!
I have more from that shoot. I should just put in a folder and let folks have at them. :slight_smile:

(John) #64

I had another go working from the base image that I did with RT. :kissing:Hope the lady isn’t offended.

Redid the wavelet cosmetics and played with an idea of using layers to dodge and burn via softlight. Black or white accordingly. Sometimes gaussian blur to blend in. Plus one normal layer to remove a couple of things.

Still stumped on what to do with skin tones and not too happy with the under eye work.


(John) #65

Another quick change. Gold toning layer with a mask.

:slight_smile: Given I have never worked on a lady before I’m pretty pleased with that. Might even try photographing a few now.


(Mica) #66

The gold toned version is much better; in the previous attempt, the skin tone is way too cold.

(John) #67

I used a gold layer and grain merge for that. It seemed to be the best way to do it. Layer opacity well down.

I started playing with the detail level decompose after seeing it on Pat’s blog. I don’t generally use select and blur though. Things vary and I find the thumb better. I tried it for very selective sharpening as soon as i realised what it did. Jiust doubly a layer. Even a layer that has detail that can’t really be seen makes a difference.

The skin tone was odd. My EM-5 has never produces one like this raw does so I just fiddled with chromasity in RT.

The dodge and burn method came from this video.

I’m impressed it’s way more controllable than the usual dodge and burn. I used the thumb and eraser on this as well and a separate layer for each feature change. I found I needed about 40% opacity in the GIMP and blurred by looking at the layer itself and also used brush shape and opacity at times. It would be wonderful if the GIMP kept the changes in history so that things could be gone back to and changed from the setting last used especially things like blur and curves etc.


(Moisés Musashi Santana) #68

Mairi_Troisieme.jpg.pp3 (10.5 KB)

Digging an old topic here but… I’m learning to use Rawtherapee and Gimp and I got this result.

(Mica) #69

An oldie but goodie, I like this edit, the blue tone makes her face pop!

(Thomas) #70

I had to try too :slight_smile: .

Mairi_Troisieme.ORF.xmp (6.9 KB)

(Photoshop R) #71

Thanks so much for the quality image, I’ve been looking for something like this to practice my painterly style editing. I was very inspired by the legendary Desiree Dolron’s aesthetic. Here’s an example of her work:

She actually composites different features from different models, so I was more interested in emulating the values, color, and overall mood rather than the photo manipulation aspect.

Part of what makes this style so visually interesting to me is the use of lost edges in the shadows, which is generally something only found in paintings. I spent a couple hours doing this retouch, carefully sculpting the shadows and highlights to pleasing shapes, controlling the color to elicit a mood, and controlling the light falloff for dramatic effect.

The skin retouching was done with a combination of frequency separation and dodge and burn. I know this thread is pretty old, but if anyone is still reading this and is interested, I’d be happy to share the psd. Again, thanks so much for the painterly image to practice on (and the guide on how to create the lighting ourselves). You’re awesome and an inspiration Mairi Troiseme!

(Mica) #72

I’m glad you found the image useful and your result is quite wonderful, you’ve obviously got great skill, but a Photoshop PSD isn’t going to be of use to us; we encourage the use of free and open source software, so that we can share out work, ideas, and passion without having to worry about licensing software, obtuse formats, and other baggage that proprietary vendors introduce to our workflow.

(Photoshop R) #73

Ah, I didn’t realize that’s the focus of this site! My bad, sorry about that. Love that idea though. There are so many programs that can create extremely high quality results out there that are free to use. Glad to see there’s a hub for users to share techniques with software like that. Wish I could contribute more, but I’m only proficient in Photoshop. Regardless, I’m very thankful for the high quality raw file to play with. Wish you guys all the best!


@Photoshop_R Welcome to the forum! You could still export a few JPGs if you would like to show your steps visually :wink:. And thanks for sharing your edit.

(Mica) #75

Thanks and thank you for sharing. If you ever want to switch to the gimp, it isn’t that different! :wink:

(St.Stephen) #76

I’m out of my element on this one.


seconded, it would be interesting to see the steps, I like that style

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #78

It is a very difficult image to process (for me). I am determined to use only RT5.4. I am still not satisfied with my colour attempt but here is my BW attempt.

patdavid-Mairi_Troisieme-3.jpg.out.pp3 (12.6 KB)

(Roel) #79

I also gave this portrait a go. Not my usual type of photograph. But my approach here is not to try and be artistic, as many others seem to be doing, but to be realistic: this is Mairi, she is a human with a healthy complexion and a black vest.

Mairi_Troisieme.jpg.out.pp3 (11.8 KB)
All done in RawTherapee.


@patdavid Haven’t gotten a chance to comment on this photo. First impressions were:

  1. Interesting lighting and expression.
  2. Gran, what big buttons you have! (All the better to [fill in the blank :stuck_out_tongue:].)
  3. Is that an oddly placed hair clip!?