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(Gustavo Adolfo) #1

Tone mapping the bright areas produced some artifacts on the foreground shadows that I couldn’t fix.
Also, for the first time, I saw fit in the centripetal spline interpolation method in the curves tool. The default monolithic spline produced more artifacts on contrasted areas.


_MG_4284.CR2 (11.4 MB)

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The tool tips are always helpful.


Aside: I wonder where the labelling and tool tips are situated on dt’s GitHub pages. When I search for monolithic for instance, I don’t get any results…


(Mica) #3

You should search for monotonic which is what it says in your tooltip screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:



Tired eyes register funny things.

@gadolf What is your story behind this shot?


(Gustavo Adolfo) #5

lol… besides trying to introduce an alien interpolation method, not much of a story, only one of the first shots outside with new camera :blush:
Anyway, this house has always drawn my attention at the early hours of the day due to the way horizontal sun light hits the rough wall. Which wasn’t exactly the case when I did this shot, because the sun was already up in the sky.
As for the tool tips (which I don’t quite understand), I assume that nodes are points you create on the curve, correct? Which is interesting because the curve that was producing artifacts with the monolithic method, I mean, the monotonic method, had only one point (node?).



I believe that the curve has a minimum of 3 nodes. For our convenience, would you mind marking the aforementioned artifacts and showing the curve that causes it?


(Gustavo Adolfo) #8

Sure. When I get back home at night I’ll post the screenshots.


(Gustavo Adolfo) #9

I think I found the issue and it doesn’t seem to be related to the interpolation method, but to the mask applied to that curve. Considering the strong contrast on that area, maybe the issue is something unavoidable.

Mask on:

Mask off:

Mask on with a 2.5 radius blur

With mask on and no blur applied, the centripetal interpolation method seems to mitigate the issue because it reduces contrast, thus fading out the strong edges (but not completely eliminating them, as the blur does)

Thanks for asking for evidences.

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(Shreedhar Inamdar) #10

Here is a version using RT5.5
_MG_4284.jpg.out.pp3 (11.8 KB)

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