[PlayRAW] Panorama issue

Hey there. In today’s PlayRAW we deal with a panorama. It’s a bit misleading because it’s actually a challenge. I challenge you to find a way to get HUGIN to not mess up the power lines at the top. Here is what I managed to make using Hugin and then GIMP (cloning and moving and all that jazz). See if you can make do in just Hugin. Enjoy!

My result involving GIMP:

And here’s the PP3 for the files: ND7_8585.jpg.out.pp3 (9.9 KB)

And here are the RAW files (ZIP file 440MB bundle of panorama joy): here
Lens: 35mm Nikkor f2 - handheld - 2 rows starting bottom left and ending top left

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Can you update the post with the lens info you are supposed to enter into hugin? Also did you shoot this on a panorama head or is it hand held?

I’m excited to see how everyone does with this!

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it’s done handheld with a 35mm Nikkor. Upload ALMOST done haha

@paperdigits it’s up!

Exactly that’s the problem.

If you hold up your thumb :+1: and then close the right eye, open the left. Then then alternate opening the left closing the right you will see the thumb jumping and not staying at the same position. The same happens in your panorama. Fixing those error is really hard.

That’s the reason why there is a panorama head. It fixes this error and makes it easy to create a panorama if you have an object infront of you you want correctly displayed.

However I’m interested if someone can just get this fixed with hugin :slight_smile:

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I used the Windows free programme Image Composite Editor (sorry if I have offended anyone by using the W word :wink: ) I also used only files with last three digits 585,588,591,594,595,598,599,600,605,606,607) to get

It is not perfect but not bad either. What do you think? (I did not process the selected raw files before stitching, that is why there is no detail in the sky)

So, here’s mine. Hugin (after RT) did 95% of the work, getting most of it right. I only had to fix one wire in one spot in GIMP – since I did it poorly, I think you can easily spot where in the full-size image I’m attaching :slight_smile:
I only used a subset of the pictures, namely 8586, 8588, 8593 and 8595

ND7_8586-1 - ND7_8595-1.pto.txt (6.6 KB)

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@stefan.chirila Interesting challenge. (Should we label it as such; viz., px_challenge?) I don’t recall having any stitching experience, and I am afraid that it might be too intensive for my humble machine :slight_smile:. I will give it a go when I have more time.

@afre sounds good :smiley:

Thanks a lot everyone, and I hope we get to see more takes on it. I believe I may have moved too much when shooting the last few (covering the top left) which is causing an issue with the wires.

What settings do you guys find work best within HUGIN? algorithms and such

I opened all photos to Darktabel. I chose photos 8585.8588.9592.8595.8596.8604 and 8608. I control all of them as follows:ND7_8604.NEF.xmp (3.4 KB)
Then I saved the images tif16. I opened tif photos with Hugin.
Lisäsin kuvaan 8604 maskin: (OOps … It means: I added the 8604 mask to the picture)

I continued by adding contropoints with Hugins CPFind + Celeste.

The rest in the normal way using cylinder projection.

I got the picture:


@yteaot This is awesome! Could you please upload the saved HUGIN file so I can load it on my images? Such great work! Thank you so much! I knew masking was possible but never quite knew how to do it in Hugin

Here it is: ND7_8585 - ND7_8608.pto.7z (7.9 KB)

pto-file was not allowed to upload, so I packed it.

@yteaot Not exactly pretty (yet) but good job on the stitching :slight_smile:. I also liked that you kept the airplanes.

@stefan.chirila": I challenge you to find a way to get HUGIN to not mess up the power lines at the top".

I did this challenge. The panorama should be further processed with eg GIMP / Darktable. I did not do it.

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Thanks a lot @yteaot ! I feel a lot more encouraged now that I know it IS indeed doable :stuck_out_tongue:
l’ll apply my own processing to the images and then put them through this pto file and see how it does it. Still not sure how to get to the masks section or how to manipulate them but it’s something to look up.

Looks to me like you don’t have any features that hugin can use to account for the fact that you tilted the camera up when the top row was shot. Probably tilted it down as well when the lower row was shot. If you look at the perspective correction tutorials on their site you will see what type of features it needs. They’ve changed it but it should still cover what settings are needed and what it needs to do this


Maybe each shot could be done manually and then formed into a panorama but I suspect you would need a lot of overlap.

There is next to no distortion on the lens you used if it was on a crop camera and none that would be bothersome on a shot like that if it was on full frame.


@Ajohn Can you possibly concretize with these images, what do you think should be done and why?

@yteaot. I was sort of suggesting that it was impossible on this shot other than maybe adjusting each image visually and then trying to form them into a panorama.

This link may help explain why it can’t correct for perspective but can link images up.


It links to the same link as i have already posted for perspective correction. That involves the need what should be for vertical and horizontal lines.