[PlayRaw] RAW Challenge: Backlit


(Carmelo Dr Raw) #40

@PkmX Which version of darktable have you used? I have tried to apply your xmp using 2.0.4, but I get some tool version mismatches and the colors are no really right…


(Carmelo Dr Raw) #41

@PkmX nevermind, I found the answer in your first post…

I have now the git version of darktable and I’ve started to look in detail into your edit, because I really find it GREAT!

I see that you applied a rather complex ColorChecker LUT adjustment, with almost all the patches being modified. Is it some sort of preset, or did you make the adjustments specifically for this image? How long did it take you to get the result you want with this tool?

Thanks for sharing your techniques!

(PkmX) #42

That is the patch in the “fuji astia-like (hires)” style included in the blog post that introduced this module.

I have to admit that this new module does some magic things, though some of the presets do not really work very well (presumably because it was measured on a completely different sensor).

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #43

Thanks! I wonder how the DT LUT module compares with the new “custom 3D LUT” filter in G’MIC, in terms of quality of output and ease of use…

About the new Color checker LUT module in DT

Pkmx, very good job on the sky!

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Best way to brighten shadows
About the new Color checker LUT module in DT

My version using Darktable (and a touch of LR)

Uploaded a new version, I had by mistake uploaded an edited version of Pkmx’s Gimp photo :flushed:


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(Gord) #60

Here’s my quick attempt at the photo, done in RawTherapee 4.2.1 (I haven’t graduated to using multiple tools on the same photo yet). I was going to crop it, but then I thought “I need to know what that crazy tower on the right is.”


Three versions here, both processed exclusively on darktable. The first one mostly uses color zones and channel mixer to push down the tones of the sky, in a polarizer like effect while at the same time brigthening yellows and greens. it has a slight lowpass towards the edges to give a lo-fi look.

The 2nd version is a wet plate/collodium like effect, using mostly the channel mixer and WB to add the solarization like effect one can see in some wet plate/collodium images. Gradients,vignetting and a squarish vignetting to reinforce the aging/old look. As with the 1st shot, a lowpass added to soften the edges. A radial distortion and blur could give the look of some old lenses that have a swirly bokeh.

The final version is a tweak of the 2nd version, with a more subtle solarization and some tonal range tweaks.

(David Oliver) #62

Lovely shot! That is indeed a cool dog.

For my stab at it with Darktable 2.0.5 I tried to prioritise the detail in the sky near the sun. I used the color reconstruction module (which is amazingly easy to use) to put a little yellow back into the sun. The bulk of the tonal adjustment is done with tone curves and drawn and parametric masks.

I very much like the colours and overall tone in @Jonas_Wagner’s version.

(Bill Ferguson) #63

Really late to the game, but I just joined…

Anyway, I imported the image into Darktable 2.0.5 and duplicated it 3 times. Changed the exposure of the original -.6 EV, left the first duplicate at 0, changed the second duplicate to +1 EV and the third duplicate to +2 EV. Combined them into an hdr using the enfuse.lua script in darktable and exported the result with no further changes.


Hi it’s my first post here :smiley:

Here is my edit with darktable 2.0.6

(John) #65

Just to be different I downloaded the jpg rather than the raw. Might try and do a bit more later as this was very quick.

Looks to be a good camera for processing it’s jpg’s.


(John) #66

Tried to correct the colour of the dog and cleaned up some of the bright patch under the sun. Both shots done with Fotoxx and bright patch tidy up finished with the GIMP cloning tool.

The work on the dog became a bit gritty so used a bit of noise removal to smooth a little and then reduced the size to 2/3.

(John) #67

Back to RT. More grit taken out of the dog using negative values of contrast by detail. Lab sliders adjusted a bit. CH curve used adjust colours around the sun. CA correction. Gradient added and a slight vignette. Then back to the GIMP. Some blur and finger brushes and burnt the bright grass bottom left a bit and dodged the dog’s nose a touch.

Needs a bit more work really for full size. Fotoxx uses layer techniques. That can cause halo’s in places such as along the tree line. While it does things quickly without needing to create the layers removing the halo’s takes more time than I spent on it. It can be removed with the blur brush / thumb brush

Tried to give it more of a sunset feel this time. Thanks for posting and giving me the practice. Still not totally happy with the sky but did start from the jpg.


(John) #68

As it’s Sunday I had a go from raw. A very simple adjustment with RT first.

Then created another with a correction for the colour of the dog. RT didn’t create 2 pp3 files so this includes the colour change. That could be reset to get back to the simple slider adjustements.

DSC02168.ARW.pp3 (6.1 KB)

:sob: I forgot to take out the CA and noise and should probably have kept more of and eye on the grass but thought I could bring that back in the GIMP. Also black ends to some of the grass stalks.

In the GIMP I loaded both images as layers with daft sky colours on top. Add layer mask and paint the sky invisible in the mask. Set this layer to soft light and adjust opacity for best grass and dog.

New from visible and adjust the sky. I used curves and also the blue curve to damp down the yellow and mess with the contrast again. Then layer mask to leave the sky visible in the normal layer mode.

New from visible and a bit of dodging on grass and dog in places. This is the result of that. All big med fuzz brushes.


(John) #69

:blush: One more. Fake HDR. I did 2 jpg with RT. One for the sky where dog and grass were very very dark using the exposure curve. Then another for the dog and grass using the same with some colour adjustments to redden the dog a bit with the colour adjusting min max thing. That needed some adjustments to get grass and sky colours too.

Then used macrofusionenfuse to merge them. Lstar in advanced kept the sky.

Then used the GIMP’s levels to finally adjust the colour balance via each of the colours - auto did a reasonable job of that with one bad colour channel adjustment so fixed that and minor adjustments to the others and the luminosity setting. I would have healed out the tower but my system needs updating and GIMP’s heal no longer works.

:confounded: Can’t think of any other ways of doing it.


(Sebastien Guyader) #70

My take on this challenge:

Done 100% in RT, with negative black level, tone mapping in CieCAM 2002, shadow recovery in residual image from Wavelet tool, 3x3 microcontrast, noise reduction, CA correction, and finally added a graduated filter to darken the sky a little bit.
The pp3: DSC02168.ARW.pp3 (9.3 KB)