[PlayRaw] Say! Synchronised-swimming Cygnets!

2019-08-30_08-41-58.25_DSC4602.NEF (21.6 MB)
Hi all, with this recent shot I am becoming more confident with filmic, although I have applied a couple of other transformations also. Is there too much bringing out the texture on the necks of the birds, for example? I guess the other way one could go is to crush the blacks and silhouette the birds. Or go monochrome. I thought there was something dreamy about the pale blue of the water I wanted to keep however. I’d love to see what you can achieve with this raw.

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Rotate it a bit… add a couple of graduated filters…

Photoflow: 2019-08-30_08-41-58.25_DSC4602.pfi (40.7 KB)

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@martin.scharnke Thanks for sharing. I like it! First thought was that the water actually looks like water. In some Play Raws, the water looks unnatural.

Oops, I haven’t had anything to eat or drink since I woke up. :rofl:

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Thank you for the play,

Made a soft edit with GIMP and G’MIC, I tried some new things.

RawTherapee naturel
GIMP: Wavelet Denoise (CbCr), Scale
G’MIC: Retinex, Mixer [PCA], LMS adjustment, Details Equalizer, Equalize Local Histograms, Local variance Normalization. Inpaint [multi-scale], Iain’s Fast Denoise, Maybe Something Else I Forget.

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In some Play Raws, the water looks unnatural

@afre, I’m not sure whether your tongue is in cheek or not.

Oops, I haven’t had anything to eat or drink since I woke up. :rofl:

@afre, is that a comment on the pic, your state of mind, of something else?

Maybe it’s because of my Asperger’s (ASD) but I’m really not following … can you help me out please?

Both comments were literal. I liked the appearance of the water and could almost see and hear the ripples undulate and slosh. And I literally didn’t eat or drink anything until 2 hours after posting.

I have no idea what to do with the raw yet.

Thank you all for your responses … you all seem to have gone the way I did, preserving the detail in the shadowed side of the birds, especially their necks.

Here are a couple of attempts at going the opposite, to the extreme: Both are essentially the same, one with saturation boast, and the other total monochrome. This seems to capture the “synchronised swimming” bit for me.

(I should add that I had another pic taken a few seconds earlier where both birds were swimming in the same direction as this pic, but looking directly away from the camera with their heads; hence, synchronised).

Opinions / critique?

edit: added the sidecars
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