[PlayRaw] Snow on spider web

Since Pat isn’t there…

I caught the snow/frost accumulating on a spider web on my balcony. Image isn’t too good due to very difficult conditions (hand-held, low light, trying not to shake while freezing outside in my PJs). Strangely the image appears very noisy.

What can you do with that?


CR2 file is here

This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike
(Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike)

Can you please license the CR2 file?

How do I do that? Some metadata on the CR2 itself?

Just PlayRaw stuff to keep in mind. How cold is it where you live? There’s freezing rain in Toronto.

Ok, done.

SnowOnSpiderWeb.jpg.pp3 (11.0 KB)


Yeah, my sidewalk is a skating rink.

@heckflosse’s version is fantastic but I could not use his pp3 on my non-dev standard RT 5.3 (it went into Neutral profile). This one is done using the non-nightly build. I am happy that I could more or less approximate his version!
SnowOnSpiderWeb.jpg.out.pp3 (11.4 KB)

This one should work on 5.3. Just apply neutral profile + the attached pp3
SnowOnSpiderWeb_Simple.cr2.pp3 (1.3 KB)

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I wanted to go for more of an abstract smoke-from-a-downed-jet look:
SnowOnSpiderWeb.jpg.out.pp3 (10.5 KB)


Yes. It works. Interesting to see that there is no noise reduction applied but just a tone curve and putting saturation to -100. The simplicity of it is mind boggling!

Not to forget increasing black level in exposure tool to 1200.

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SnowOnSpiderWeb.cr2.pp3 (10.5 KB)

  • GMIC Testing>Iain Fergusson> Noise Reduction 5

My version in DT. Thanks for the image :slight_smile: .

SnowOnSpiderWeb.cr2.xmp (8.5 KB)

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Here is my try, an agressive crop + monochrome:

SnowOnSpiderWeb.cr2.xmp (7.4 KB)


Impressed by the sharpness you (collectively) can bring out of that not-so-good picture…

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Boy in britches with hiking stick examining the ground. Anyone see that in the bottom left corner? :wink: I had fun playing with this image. Enjoy!

  1. PhotoFlow
    – Export unbounded linear ACES.

  2. gmic
    – Correct negative and hot pixels.
    – Convert to B&W, smooth shadows. How I handled this step determined the overall look of the image. I spent the most time here trying different things and tweaking the result.
    Equalize local histograms. Quite slow on my machine: about 6 minutes.
    – Curve to brighten image and preserve highlights.
    – Reintroduce color information.
    – Prep for sharing (resize, fp to jpg).

Edit: I didn’t put much thought into the color step. Just reintroduced the colors. Here is the B&W version. Which do you prefer?


I saw red individual pixels in the image I opened with rawproc; were them those?

How did you handle them in g’mic?

DT SnowOnSpiderWeb.cr2.xmp (7.7 KB)

Funny you mentioned red. One of my alts had blood in water as a theme (sorry if it doesn’t look right; I have a terrible screen):

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