[PlayRaw] Sundown at the river

Was at the rhine river yesterday evening to test a new lens (Pentax-M 50mm F2) at sundown and took some long time exposures…

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License is CC BY-NC 4.0


My two cents:

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I find it amusing that Darktable is able to recognize the camera lens from metadata, while Affinity Photo, which is a paid app (that I regret paying for), is unable to detect it despite leeching off the open source community. I decided to run this through Affinity for the amusement of everyone.

Just boosted exposure, with stock tone curve, stock denoise, and god knows what kind of demosaicing.

Here my edit with darktable 2.7.

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Dude, Affinity Photo rocks as a pixel editor (Photoshop clone), you just need to use an external raw editor, like Darktable or Rawtherapee to get good results, as you are right that raw processing is Affinity Photo’s weak spot. I use a Rawtherapee only and Rawtherapee to Affinity Photo work flow, and it meets virtually all of my photo needs, save panoramas, which is where Hugin or Microsoft ICE come into play. Here is a link to my photo portfolio, edits done nearly entirely in Rawtherapee or Rawtherapee + Affinity Photo. https://www.flickr.com/photos/patrickscphoto/ , save panoramas and some of the oldest photos on my gallery.

Just boosted exposure, with stock tone curve, stock denoise, and god knows what kind of demosaicing.

Edit, also yes, the demosaicing on Affinity photo sucks $^%, that is why I recommend using Rawtherapee or Darktable for raw processing and AP for complex masking and local adjustments with adjustment layers, as it is a lot more rock stable doing stuff like that in 16 bit than GIMP is.**

Performance comparison based on informal tests with multi-layer resource intensive edits on both software programs on Windows 10. Results may be flipped on Linux for all I know…

Just sharing some thoughts on the raw feature in Affinity, maybe some Affinity devs might take it as motivation to improve. I use Affinity as my main pixel editor, but there are times I would rather use Gimp instead for certain tasks. There are also times when I fish out my external hard disk for that photoshop installation…

All depends on what you need to do, right tool for the job etc

RT 5.7

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