[PlayRaw] Sunset on ferry


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I love a good sunset. I took this picture a good while back. I was on my way to Vancouver Island. Would love to see what others do with this picture.

And here my file.
IMG_3129.CR2 (20.1 MB)

And my result

Using "unstable" Gimp for its 32 bit colors?

IMG_3129.CR2.pp3 (9.5 KB)


Welcome to the forum @Adlatus :slight_smile:. Nice subtle crop and good on bringing back some of the colors.


Changed the white balance and did basic processsing in RT. Exported two versions, one with retinex and one without (cause the sun is pink when using retinex). Mixed both versions in Gimp, added gradient, changed saturation and added details and highlights.

(Thomas) #5

Quite difficult task for me. Here my results in DT only.

IMG_3129.CR2.xmp (16.0 KB)

(Andreas Weigl) #6

Interesting. It looks more like a regular day time picture than sunset.


Darktable:IMG_3129.CR2.xmp (6.8 KB)

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #8

Here is my take. Used GIMP only to clone out the lamp on the dock and selectively lighten (slightly) the dock. Otherwise, it is all RT5.1
IMG_3129.jpg.out.pp3 (12.1 KB)

This shot reminded me of the Jon Bon Jovi’s song `I’m going down in a blaze of glory’. So I accentuated the yellows and reds :wink:

(Thomas) #9

Still unhappy with my results. Nevertheless, a second try …

IMG_3129.CR2.xmp (5.1 KB)


RT 5.1
IMG_3129.CR2.pp3 (11.2 KB)


@yteaot Like the tones and detail of the ferry, and the overall grit, though the water could be a little smoother.

@Thomas_Do Much improved from the first take with different colors.


With Filmulator

(Mica) #13

IMG_3129.CR2.xmp (5.8 KB)

darktable with tonemapping to wrangle the highlights and a bit of equalizer. G’MIC’s kodachrome 64 film emulation.

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Thanks for sharing! Here’s my version (RT):

IMG_3129.CR2.pp3 (10.5 KB)


Rawtherapee sunset_ferry.pp3 (12.3 KB)


@paperdigits like your glooming and contrasty version a lot, pitty the sun; kodachrome :disappointed_relieved::sob::ocean:

Like always thanks to @silicoid for “donating” his raw and everybody sharing their visions =)

All Photoflow IMG_3129.pfi.zip (2.3 KB) but cropped and (ever so slighty) grainned outside. Basic amusements on HL and Shadows (luminosity mask) a couple instances of split details as poli-loca :rotating_light:, lucy-ri sharpening (very small radious) and vista 200 LUT, colour only transfer… everysingle step guided by my hamster’s delicate sense of balance XD. Anyway at the end there was this anoying harshness around the sun and some other places, so as I also like the idea of diffused light, created a gau blur (radious 41) aimed at HL only and a mask for white light. WhatA mess je ej je


DT sidecard: IMG_3129.CR2.xmp (8.1 KB)

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On my way…

(John) #20

:rofl: I should be getting on with a new fitted kitchen for wife but wondered if I could remove the problems with the reflections on the rail/pipe.

So quick develop with rawtherapee. -1.3 stops exposure and a bit of work on the black end of a curve to bring those up a bit. Then fotoxx. Curves,colour, warmth,select reflections-desaturate-adj brightness- then the blend brush over them. Worked pretty well and could be improved further with a bit of a smear in the gimp. Then cropped, reduced and sharpened. Then the gimp. Duplicate layer, softlight with a very quickly painted mask to bring back shadow detail just leaving it active on the sky. Matter of taste, I used 25% opacity on it.