[PlayRaw] The other side of Machu Picchu


(Eduardo Battaglia) #1

This is from my trip to Peru last year. It’s Machu Picchu seen from the top of Huayna Picchu, the mountain you always see on the typical photo of the city.

2018-09-26.11-34.9568.NEF (27.0 MB)

2018-09-26.11-34.9568_01.NEF.xmp (9.6 KB)

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I have a slight phobia of narrow winding mountain roads. :scream:

(St.Stephen) #3

2018-09-26.11-34.9568.NEF.xmp (6.1 KB)
2018-09-26.11-34.9568_01.NEF.xmp (6.1 KB)

(Thomas) #4

2018-09-26.11-34.9568.NEF.xmp (6,6 KB)


Sharpened with unsharp mask and after with RL deconvolution
2018-09-26.11-34.9568.NEF.pp3 (12.8 KB)
2018-09-26.11-34.9568.tif.pp3 (11.6 KB)

Cropped in gimp

(dumb) #6

Something happened here.


(Jilles Van Gurp) #7

Had a go at this with the filmic module and a few tweaks to get rid of the blue compression in the mountains in the background, some sharpening using the equalizer and a few tweaks to the saturation using the tone curve, LAB mode and a parametric mask.

2018-09-26.11-34.9568.NEF.xmp (8.5 KB)

(senpai) #8


2018-09-26.11-34.9568.NEF.xmp (14,9 Ko)


my edit with darktable 2.6.0

2018-09-26.11-34.9568.NEF.xmp (21.2 KB)

(Gustavo Adolfo) #10

That’s the evidence I was looking for!