[PlayRaw] Tree with Half Leaves Shed

Walking around one of my recent favorite spot for taking pictures, this tree looked great. With half of its leaves shed and blank sky, the tree seemed a good subject for a beginner photograph :slight_smile:

Here is my take in editing the raw file in DT 3.2.1 (After many iterations and many hours - I am slow)

IMG_2391_05.CR2.xmp (31.2 KB)
IMG_2391.CR2 (34.5 MB)
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Any feedback would be appreciated :). Also want to thank @Soupy for some awesome and helpful tips in using darktable.


the temptation is to clone out the stray leaves on the left, perhaps someone else will enjoy taking that on :stuck_out_tongue:

IMG_2391.CR2.xmp (46.1 KB)

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Now that I have discovered how to use the color correction tool in ART as a curve, it has become my go to power tool. So right now ART is becoming my go to editor as it has all the nice things from RT plus local editing capabilities which are to me much more intuitive than the ones in RT. Thanks for that @agriggio!

So here’s a no-hols-barred local editing monstrosity. :wink:
IMG_2391_ART.jpg.out.arp (20.0 KB)

DT 3.2.1

IMG_2391.CR2.xmp (22,1 KB)

As a beginner just try to use the least tools as possible and with a purpose in mind.
It is easy to get lost within the myriad of modules.

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You have a good eye for interesting trees.

tree-half-leaves-IMG_2391.CR2.xmp (13.8 KB)
darktable 3.2.1

IMG_2391.CR2.xmp (10.1 KB)

half.leaves.shed.jpg.out.pp3 (27.2 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 (development)

Relatively simple shot, but there’s more then enough to have fun editing it. Thanks for sharing!


wow … you guys always inspire me with so many creative edits of the same image.

@McCap Love the capability of ART that you have demonstrated here. I really wish there was some way for me to learn how to use RT or ART but I have tried so many times but I don’t know where to go with either softwares. May be I am not looking at the right places to learn for them. I find more online resources for DT, making it slightly less intimidating. So if there are any suggestions for ART, please do let me know.

The on-line (video) resources are a bit scares for RawTherapee I don’t know if that holds true for ART as well, never looked for them.

Andy Astbury is putting out RawTherapee related videos. Admittedly, they might not be for the newest users, but he does a very good job in explaining the hows and whys and shows that RawTherapee is one hell-of-a powerful RAW editor.

One other way to learn, one I often use(d), is to look at other peoples sidecars. You might have an idea by now who creates good edits (or at least ones that you like), have a look at those and try to figure out why they did it that way. I noticed that the RawTherapee community is especially nice, so ask away if something is not clear.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have looked into Andy’s tutorials. Some of them include combination with Photoshop but I need to look into it again.

For looking into others edits, I run into two issues - #1 The history kind of compresses all details as last saved, which does not provide work flow (as compared to DT where history from edits in a way show step by step changes) #2 Also, I dont know if there is an option for soft copy of the file (like in DT with duplicates) which makes it trickier for trying out things in RT (or ART).

True, but this only makes it somewhat harder. The modules used need to be turned on and can thus be easily found and settings can be checked. The order in which they were applied is lost. If you go to RawPedia you can find the order in which they are applied in the pipeline though, which I think is more important.

I did read that a history feature might be on the horizon. But this is hear-say at the moment. Would be a nice feature to have.

You can always make a real copy: In the File Browser, right click on image, select file operations and copy to (or shft-ctrl-c). It won’t overwrite if you copy to the same directory/folder, it will add a unique token.

Well, yeah:

I completely understand, that is why I actually wanted to fill that gap and started with these two videos:


But then other things came and kept my from working on more videos. I even have a small to-do list of topics I wanted to cover. I hope I will find time again soon…

IMG_2391_01.CR2.xmp (8.2 KB)


IMG_2391.jpg.out.pp3 (11.8 KB)


I went for a darker looking sky. Maybe I overdid that.

IMG_2391.CR2.xmp (6.4 KB)

Autumn leaves… thanks for sharing this image
DT 3.2.1

IMG_2391.CR2.xmp (12.6 KB)

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With Filmulator:

  • Auto CA correction 2
  • Exposure comp +5/6
  • Shadow rolloff 0.0075
  • Drama 60
  • White clipping point 0.61
  • Shadow brightness 150
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IMG_2391.CR2.xmp (16.6 KB) IMG_2391_01.CR2.xmp (14.9 KB)

Actually I like this version best, because it looks most like reality to me; like I’ve been there.

IMG_2391.CR2.xmp (28.4 KB)

Darktable 3.2.1 on Windows.

Very crude mask usage. If only I know how to use the mask better, I might be able to achieve that with a ‘proper’ or more efficient way. Anyone can give me advise how to isolate the leave color using parametric mask?