Please advise: can I share a mySQL DB with 2 devices?

I have a workstation/nas with Digikam on it and my local files in home/myname/Photos/Albums.

They are accessible via NFSv4.2 on my laptop via the same path (symlinked) in /home/myname/Photos/Albums.

So far so good. Now I understand I can use a mySQL database, I can install it via Docker and have both the workstation and the laptop use the same db. WRONG!?

Because (purely as a test) I copied my current SQLite dB to the laptop, opened DigiKam and got an error about incorrect disk UUID :frowning:

I thought the reason for DigiKam to support an external dB was to support multiple devices. Even with identical paths to the file, 1 device accessing them locally and one accessing them via NFS, it can’t work. Or am I doing something wrong?

I don’t think it works for multiple machines.

The reason MySQL is an option is for performance if you have a lot of photos and a large database.

Ah ok, in that case, I suppose I should rely on writing tags etc to the images and sidecars.

What would be the threshold, at what point would you definitely benefit from external db? I have about 30K photos.

The last I had read about sqlite was that at ~150,000 objects performance starts to dip. That was quite a while ago though, so I’m sure it’s outdated. SQLite should handle 30k photos without issue though.

I’m not a digikam user but your question intrigued me.
I’ve found this guide

I hope it helps