Please help me getting started

Hello to everyone.

I have just found this forum after downloading Raw Therapee.

I have two general questions about how the programme works.

Having launched the programme and brought in a raw file I chose ‘Processing Profile > Neutral’. However, there a a great number of windows? (or are they called modules?) already open with a disorientating number of settings already activated.

If I click on the heading, each window contracts. Does this mean that those setting are no longer being applied to the image file or do I need to do something else so that I can switch off everything in order to learn step-by-step how each one effects the image.

Also, are there certain windows / settings that should be always on for every single image file?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Complete Noobie David.

Hi @dsallen and welcome!

You need this:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Claes pointed you to an excellent source of information about everything RawTherapee.

I’ll add the following to that: Andy Astbury’s video’s (Raw Therapee playlist).

Those are a great resource, although at times a bit on the long side (which some people do not like). It also addresses your question about which stuff to turn on by default and why to do this (especially this video: RawTherapee: Noise Reduction, Capture Sharpening & …).

And this forum is also a great place to ask/get advise if you get stuck on things.

EDIT: @dsallen - I added the RawTherapee tag to this topic.

Welcome to the forum @dsallen !
Although it is nice to know what others do, for a complex program like RawTherapee, there is no unique way to obtain the desired result. In fact that is the USP of RawTherapee!
Therefore, I suggest that you start with processing your raw files straightaway by experimenting with various modules and see where you get to. If you have a vision for a particular photo but unable to achieve it, then you can start a discussion about it. It is a great program and I am sure that you will enjoy using it in your own way.


With processing profile neutral you have very few active modules. Only the ones required to get something to display on your screen. Your image should look very flat and low contrast with the neutral profile applied.

You fold the module to get it out of the way it doesn’t affect the status of the module. Some modules have little power button icons that will highlight or turn grey when clicked. This button controls whether the module is active. Not all modules have the power button however and those are controlled by the settings in the module.

As mentioned the Netural profile is the bare minimum. From there you can add modules and change settings to adjust the file to your preferences. For a beginner however I’d recommend starting with the default profile or selecting one of the “auto matched curve” profiles from the bundled profile submenu of the processing profile menu.

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